Get your woolie undies out Julia

Global Warming – global cooling – climate change – weird weather, however you choose to name it, one thing is certain it is fairly unpredictable. Always was, is and will be so!

Julia and Bob have decided – no questions asked – that we humans are responsible for this ‘unpredictable’ weather through carbon pollution, and they have made it quite clear that they intend to levy a tax on us all so that planet earth can be saved for future generations.

All debate on the reasons for the so-called heating up of the climate and changing weather patterns has been silenced – except from the government appointed and paid climate scientists. Too bad isn’t it that in their haste to prove we humans are responsible for climate disruption, they forgot to check with the sun – you know that big yellow disc in the sky that warms our planet, lights up the days and exerts immense influence on Earth and the entire ‘local planetary system’.

Results from three separate studies indicate that the sun could be less active in its next cycle. While the relationship between solar activity and climate is still a matter of scientific debate, some scientists say this could slow down the warming trend on Earth.

The results of the studies were announced on Tuesday at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society’s solar physics division.

“This is highly unusual and unexpected,” Frank Hill, associate director of the National Solar Observatory’s Solar Synoptic Network, told “But the fact that three completely different views of the sun point in the same direction is a powerful indicator that the sunspot cycle may be going into hibernation.”

All three studies suggest an upcoming period of less solar activity than the typical 11-year cycle of solar activity would suggest. One indicator was the number and frequency of sunspots, which are caused by intense magnetic forces. Others included the magnetic strength of those sunspots and patterns in a gas stream under the surface of the sun.

Scientists say the sun’s activity will peak in about 2013, reports MSNBC, but that the indicators from the studies point to an extended period of low activity after that.

The sun had a similar period, between 1645 and 1715, that coincided with lower temperatures on Earth. That period on Earth is known as “the Little Ice Age.”

According to MSNBC, there is little evidence so far to support that it does, and scientists don’t expect to see a large change in Earth’s climate even if the sun does go into semi-hibernation for a while.

Now don’t believe all you read about this being an exceptionally rare occurrence will you, because there is evidence this has happened before. They will also try to tell you that there is no proof this will cause the earth to cool down. They Know “they” being the government employed scientists, they will tell you, that there is definitely no proof this is a natural phenomenon and Earth Has cooled before during such a period as this.

In fact back in 2009 – while raging at us that MANKIND is responsible for climate change, in a quiet little article in the  Sydney Morning Herald told us:

THE sun has gone quiet, with a sharp decline in sunspot numbers in the past couple of years – possibly heralding the start of a solar depression that could lead to cooler weather on Earth.

During the past millennium, whenever the sun experienced long periods of low sunspot numbers, Earth had equally long, cold snaps. The number of sunspots – dark and intensely magnetic blotches on the sun’s surface – are at their lowest since 1913.

”This is the quietest sun we’ve seen in almost a century,” said NASA solar forecaster David Hathaway.

 Now just you watch how ‘they’ present this to us as a non event! As something that does NOT prove anything. That there is no science to back up a theory the Earth may well be in the throes of another mini ice age.

You are reading this now on a computer screen right? Why not spend a little while doing a GOOGLE search for terms like ‘quite sun global cooling’. I did and got About 106,000 results(in 0.09 seconds) . Go On — do it!

And if you have some kindness in your heart, perhaps you will seek, during the current winter sales which are on all over the country – some thermal and woolie undies for Julia. Canberra can turn a tad frosty even at the best of times. She might just need some new warm undies to help her through this (no doubt) normal cooling cycle we may just be entering.

Till next time – stay warm.

Oops…… Julia did you ever read this?

New measurements from a NASA satellite show a dramatic cooling in the upper atmosphere that correlates with the declining phase of the current solar cycle. For the first time, researchers can show a timely link between the Sun and the climate of Earth’s thermosphere, the region above 100 km, an essential step in making accurate predictions of climate change in the high atmosphere.

Scientists from NASA’s Langley Research Center and Hampton University in Hampton, Va., and the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., presented these results at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco from Dec. 14 to 18.

A FINAL PS….. above it says:

But scientists are still debating whether there’s any link between solar activity and climate. (The Little Ice Age also coincided with a period of increased volcanic emissions that could have played a role.)

Has anyone look outside lately, or checked the evening news with regards to volcanic activity? Tell me I am imagining all these queues at airports because of volcanic ash clouds….. then someone wake up the scientists and get them to get their heads out of their proverbials, and look up into the skies for a change….. MAN there are volcanoes going off everywhere!

Hummmmm    wonder if that might influence the climate?


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  1. Faye Rod says:

    I find it amusing that everyone expects “things” to always be the same. So what if climate is warming, creation is well able to handle the situation.
    I am still waiting for Bob & Julie to start a campaign against all those terrible volcanoes belching all sorts of nasties into the atmosphere. If you think about it we dont get much tv coverage of volcanoes any more maybe the global warming nerds are threatened by the truth.

  2. Frances says:

    You Go Girl, that is a great find. Funny but the UK’s Tony Robinson, had a documentary on Foxtel the other day, about the last BIG Ice Age, and how the only thing that save mankind from extinction, was wait for – yeah you guessed. Global Warming!

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