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certIt seems that everywhere we turn today the Sharia (Muslim Law) Halal Certification is turning up in the food supply. Not always obviously but if you do some searching you will find that farmers and manufacturers have paid to have their food, product, cat food (I kid you not) certified HALAL – meaning safe (legal according to Sharia law) for Muslims to use/consume.

Some packaging clearly bears a Halal Certification Stamp, while others have it almost hidden or so minute that the use of a magnifying glass is necessary – and yet others although ‘certified’ do not have a visible stamp for consumers to judge ‘ Sharia legality’ by. I was surprised to see that a box of prepacked meat for sales at COLES in Australia had the certification stamp on the box, but it was nowhere to be seen on the packages of meat which were to be for sale at the meat counter.

The Quran teaches that God is extremely displeased with those who prohibit anything that was not specifically prohibited in the Quran (16:116). The upholding of any prohibitions not specifically mentioned in the Quran is tantamount to idolatry (6:148-150). Such prohibitions represent some other god(s) beside God. Worshipping God Alone means upholding His Laws alone. (

The prohibited food and meat is detailed in 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and 16:115. From these verses we have a clear account of what is halal (lawful) and what is haram (prohibited).

“He only prohibits for you the eating of animals that die of themselves (without human interference), blood, the meat of pigs, and animals dedicated to other than God. If one is forced (to eat these), without being malicious or deliberate, he incurs no sin. God is Forgiver, Most Merciful.” 2:173

Further details of animals found dead, and thus prohibited, are found in 5:3 and they include those strangled, struck with an object, fallen from a height, gored, attacked by a wild animal – unless the animal is saved before it dies – and animals sacrificed on altars.

Brief Background of Halal Certification: Halal Certification started in the West in the mid ’60s in the United States by Muslim food and technical experts. It did not actually start in the Muslim countries but it came as a necessity for Muslims living in non-Muslim society such as the United States, Europe and in some parts of Asia and the Pacific. This practical safety measure of Muslims living in non-Muslim societies to preserve their Muslim identity and fulfill their religious obligation became a useful tool to guarantee that the products produced in non-Muslim countries are acceptable to the Muslim world.  (

The World Halal Council states ‘it came as a necessity for Muslims living in non-Muslim society’ and that it was so Muslims could ‘preserve their Muslim identity and fulfil their religious obligation’.

However we also read:

Halal meat as is understood these days is a term used more often for commercial profits than religious observance. Those who call their meat halal, are in some way insinuating that any other meat is not halal, or specifically that other meat sold in other butchers or supermarket (in the western countries) is not halal. But when we analyse the Quranic verses (below) we find that these sellers are in fact deceiving the uninformed Muslims into believing that their meat is the only halal meat for the Muslims.

God knows that many Muslims will be living in the middle of Christians and Jews and will be sharing their food and for this reason God made it perfectly lawful for Muslims to eat the food of the people of the Scripture (Jews/Christians):

“Today, all good food is made lawful for you. The food of the people of the Scripture (Jews & Christians) is lawful (halal) for you ……” 5:5

Muslims do not require halal certified food at all as they are free to eat anything that isn’t deemed haram yet increasingly ALL our food is ‘halal.’   The Australian population is being ripped off with the compliance of slaughter houses and manufacturers for they now carryout processes which are inspected by a Muslim and a Muslim group issues a halal certification certificate if it complies with Sharia — and YOU pay for this although YOU, the ordinary Australian do NOT require your food production to comply with Sharia and YOU do NOT require halal certification.   You may want to avoid this rort by avoiding halal food BUT many immoral food manufacturers, while complying with and paying for the Islamic certification system, lack the moral responsibility to inform the public and don’t label their food as halalAustralia is a SECULAR nation and we should not under any circumstances be complying with the insane religious food laws of Islam or allowing Sharia to be enforced over us by stealth.  How have food producers been co-opted as agents of Islamization and pathways to transfer an Islamic religious food tax from unwilling consumers to Islamic groups? LINK

As I alluded to earlier, many manufacturers have become part of this scam, they pay to have their products ‘certified’ Halal yet neglect to show this on the food packaging. Many immoral manufacturers with halal certification do NOT label their food as halal.  They are misrepresenting their product and under labelling guidelines, this is illegal.

Failure to adequately label food is against the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA) (formerly known as the Trade Practices Act 1974) which contains a general prohibition against conduct that misleads or deceives or is likely to mislead or deceive.

In my view, failing to inform people that your product is halal and royalties are being paid to an Islamic group(s) is misleading and deceptive conduct particularly when many people feel very strongly against consuming halal food(to find this information one needs to trawl through, Consumer policy, Fair trading, Labelling   LINK

Manufacturers of (for example) Easter Eggs and Cat Food have paid to have their products CERTIFIED as safe to consume by Muslims. Err excuse me but Muslims do not celebrate Easter, and I have to say I have yet to see any pussy cats wearing the Hijab! LINK

My own understanding is that non Muslims, aka Infidels are being taxed left right and centre, and most of the time know nothing about it. Talk to the general populace about this and they will assume you are being a racist – which of course is illegal and punishable in the courts of law. Yet explain to them that even the Holy Book of the Muslim People says they can pray over foods (certain ones) to make them ‘legal and acceptable’ just as their Great Prophet Muhammad is recorded as doing – without having to pay any tax – and they are astounded.

Explain more and show them just how much of their food supply has been corrupted by this Sharia practice and I bet they will be dumfounded. The Christian and the Orthodox Jew will be horrified to learn that their general food supply has been ‘contaminated’ by prayers offered up to ‘another god’ – a foreign god, to make the food ‘Holy and safe’.

How can you learn which items are considered Halal (having Sharia Certification) and which ones are considered Harem (safe and needing no certification – so are not taxed)?

Halal Choices ( ) is all about giving consumers correct information so they can make informed decisions about the food products they purchase.

Certification involves religious rituals and taxes that are unnecessary for the majority of Australians. We have also discovered that MANY products which are already halal (permissible) are subject to this fee – in many cases it is equivalent to extortion! LINKplease follow

I have to admit that since looking into how many of the items I purchase for every-day living have been ‘certified Halal’ I have become a very strong opponent of this almost invisible tax. It is purely a money making scheme, and as such needs stamping out quickly and immediately. I ask readers to follow links provided on this blog, then use their own fingers and search engines to read and understand more.

Even if you do not have a religious affiliation that frowns on eating food prayed over to sanctify it for ‘other’ gods…… the general person on the street ought to strongly object to being declared an Infidel and taxed accordingly! And ask yourself where does all this money raised go to. It is in the Billions of Dollar in Australia alone….. and it is not truly accountable. Have fun trying to find out what it is spent on. With the terror that is currently flooding this world right now, I hate to imagine that any invisible tax I am paying on goods may find its way back to a Terrorist training camp somewhere.

The Muslim Population of Australia (at the time of writing): according to the 2011 census, 476,291 people, or 2.2%[1] of the total Australian population, were Muslims. (Wiki) So why is there such a push to have our food made ‘holy’ for a minority of people?

Their Holy Book tells the Muslim people that if there is no other food available they can eat NON HALAL foods…………… LINK so again I ask why is it that Australian manufacturers and producers are being coerced into purchasing Halal certification?

I was recently accused of spreading propaganda and being an Islamophobe because I have done a lot of reading about and sharing information on the topic of Halal Certification (which I call a tax). I was pleased to read author Bill Muehlenberg’s opinion on this.

……….. On another site a presumably educated and well-read person actually just said this about halal certification: “No money goes to Muslims. It is a certification, just like the heart foundation tick.” With such mind-numbing ignorance (or blatant disinformation), no wonder freedom and democracy are on the wane in the West while Islam is on the rise.

So it is vital that the public is fully informed about this tax – for that is what it is. And it is incumbent upon all of us to be aware of where all this money is going to. LINK

TICKFor what it’s worth I do not support the Heart Foundation ‘TICK’ either!




giNeither do I support the Low GI Certification.

Both can be bought at a price!



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