Is this Islams way of collecting GST from around the World?

certifiedIf your business paid thousand’s of dollars +/-monthly or annually to have their product, equipment, plant or employee’s ‘Certified’ pure, clean, trained, healthy – whatever, wouldn’t you think it would benefit them to let their consumers know this?

If the Certification/Accreditation came with a ‘seal of approval’, wouldn’t you think they would want to display it on their products? Especially if it was going to increase sales and keep the shareholders happy at the bank!


Then why do companies like NESTLE’ fail to display their Halal certification on their products? Why does KRAFT not display their Halal Certification clearly on theirs? Are there other companies who pay millions of dollars out for Halal Certification and fail to display it for consumers consideration?

I posit this thought. Australia has a small (around 2% ) but very vocal minority of Muslims. They have convinced manufacturers and suppliers that sales of their products will increase if they can guarantee them ‘safe’ for use/consumption by Muslims, both here and on the international scene. Some might even say manufacturers have been pressured into gaining Halal Certification or risk being ‘black banned’ – their products not seen as ‘fit’ for consumption/use by Muslims.

However the remaining 98% of Australians do not require Halal Certification  at all – and when informed about it, its structure, its financing, its costs etc. – see it I would hope, as yet another rort being perpetrated on them. After all this is a Religious Certification purely required by Muslim Sharia Law, saying that the food/product/manufacturing facility/butcher/pharmacist  etc. is approved of by the certifying body to sell their goods to Muslims.  (This is the condensed version – more detail HERE)

I have personally been attacked as being an Islamaphobic Idiot purely because I attempted to point out these facts to other non-Muslim people in my sphere of influence.  They simply don’t want to know about it – obviously not caring that they are being taken for a ride. Being PHOBIC means having a fear of something. I tell you now quite plainly I do not fear Halal Foods and products. I seriously OBJECT to being forced to pay, what amounts to a secret tax on things I purchase for my everyday life. This is not a fear this is anger.

Why should YOU be angry too?

Halal certification schemes are widely imposed on non-Muslims. Certification schemes began in the 1980s and are funded by consumers through a multi-level system of one off and recurring fees, paid by suppliers to Islamic organisations.
It is in effect a hidden Islamic tax on goods and services.

The extent of this Islamic ‘tax’ becomes clear when we understand who contributes to these schemes:

  • The four major dairy companies
  • Over 75% of poultry suppliers
  • Over 60% of abattoirs processing sheep
  • More than 50% of abattoirs processing cattle
  • Generalists like Simplot, Unilever, Nestle, Kraft and many more

The global market for halal-certified products and services is estimated to be worth more than USD2.3 trillion, expanding by 20% per year. These schemes are not limited to food alone, with products and services ranging from halal certified cosmetics to water, trucks, warehousing and sharia finance there is no limit to the schemes. Plans are in place to certify every step of the market from suppliers of animal feed, to food processing and eventually the transport to your supermarket and shopping bag. Companies who believe non-Muslims do not care, pass on the extra cost to consumers. Few products are labelled as certified halal, when in fact most meat and dairy produce bought in supermarkets, or when eating out, are now halal certified for a fee. There is no other religious group imposing such a broad, tax-like scheme on our supply chain.   LINK

I do not object to Muslims knowing which products meet the Sharia (law) criteria.

I do object, knowing now about this behind the scenes Paid For Certification, which is hidden from the average Australian – remaining secretive!

I am in full agreement with the following statement:

All products and services from halal-certified suppliers
should be clearly labelled by one standard symbol.
This way the consumer can recognise when meat, meat-based products
or other products and services come from halal-certified sources.
Australian consumers can then make a conscious decision.  LINK

As things currently stand, we have Taxation (Halal Sharia Tax)
without Representation
  (see) – next it will be on Tea!

Oh No “Madura Tea Estates; which is Kosher, Halal  and
HACCP accredited”

Ever wondered what happens to all that Sharia Enforced Taxation – what does it get used for? Think on this:

The halal certification fees extracted from companies (or rather from Australian consumers) fund the many activities and initiatives of these Islamic organisations. Most of them are concerned with what Muslims call da’wah, which is spreading Islamic sharia law into not yet Islamised countries of the world and strengthening the Islamic community there. Bringing Islam to the world (or at least helping with the financial aspect of this propagation) is a holy duty for Muslims.

Money collected from halal certification may also pass to foreign Islamic religious and political groups. Some insiders claim such donations can be used to finance fundamentalist Koran schools or cover operational expenses of Islamic terrorists. In any event, these certification organisations are made up of clerics, activists and followers opposed to our Australian way of life, our freedom and democracy, the separation of church and state, gender equality and other core values and human rights of our free Western civilisation. Halal certification schemes are likely to be funding the Islamic jihad.

Islamists may claim otherwise, but they are not speaking the truth: Muslims are guided and bound by the teachings and example of Mohammed as laid out in the Koran and Hadith.

Islamic scripture permits Muslims to omit and conceal the truth — as long as directed towards non-Muslims and in the interests of advancing Islam. This practice is called taqiyya or kitman.

That is enough for me to NOT  want to buy Halal Certified Products and why it is, that I want companies paying this Certification Tax, to clearly display an easily recognisable symbol on their product for all to see, so that we can make an informed choice and NOT be misled into paying a Sharia Tax on our purchases.

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  1. rachav7 says:

    I would like to point out that the Jewish practice of Kashrut (Kosher) does not demand non Jews to have have food marked as Kosher. Some companies do indeed have a Kosher symbol but it is not a requirement. Also Muslims can and actually do buy Kosher if they wish.

    Jews on the other hand have been in Australia since the arrival of the First Fleet, they have never imposed themselves on Australia. Despite the fact that we have even had 2 Jewish Governor Generals in the past.

    Isaac Isaacs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the 9th /Australian Governor/-/General/ (1855-1948). … Isaacs was the son of Alfred Isaacs, a tailor of /Jewish/ ancestry from the town of Mława, … ‎Early life – ‎Working life – ‎Opposition to political Zionism – ‎Death

    /Governor/-/general/ ‘Healed’ A Nation – Sydney Morning Herald › National Dec 9, 2011 – Sir Zelman Cowen, the /governor/-/general/ picked to heal the nation after … Mark Leibler described him ”one of /Australia’s/ greatest /Jews/” and a …

    I was introduced to the late Sir Zelman Cowen several years ago by his son who I know personally.

    Jewish people do not tend to push themselves forward on Australian society, but they have contributed greatly to Australia’s financial well being. They arrived here with the first fleet, and are truly Australian.


    JustMEinT’s General Blog wrote: > JustMEinT Musings posted: “If your business paid thousand’s of dollars > +/-monthly or annually to have their product, equipment, plant or > employee’s ‘Certified’ pure, clean, trained, healthy – whatever, > wouldn’t you think it would benefit them to let their consumers know > this? If” >

  2. Jews have never imposed their religious practices on non Jews…. sharia law requires halal food for Muslims. Food can be ‘made’ Halal by Muslims praying over it – not having to pay a tax for it to become ‘safe/legal/halal’. This appears to be solely a money raising venture, which has been very successful….. I OBJECT to the secrecy aspect. Lucky for me I buy very little tinned, processed and packaged foods…… BUT my meat and poultry, which quite possibly is Halal Certified, is not marked so at point of sale…… and I consider that dishonest.

  3. tellthetruth1 says:

    I read this with great interest and the Lord seemed to be opening things up to me; reminding me of some very important Scriptures. One concerning food offered to idols, plus others. This has been a great spiritual eye opener. But I am not afraid. Since Jesus Himself declared all foods clean, I live by what he said, buying my food in innocence and giving thanks for it to the God of our Scriptures.

    However, if I was told it was something offered to idols, I would cover that with Paul’s teachings on the subject.

    Many thanks for this page.

  4. Sam says:

    I will share this article, but I am concerned about the fact this article implies that the Fees & Charges for Halal Certificates are a Tax… which they are not.
    Concerned because there is some false teaching happening in USA where many are believing that halal products & services include what amounts to a JIZYA TAX – and of course this is not the case.
    JIZYA is a Tax imposed upon Non-muslims living in Islamic countries – a good example is the recent occurrence of this in Egypt after the downfall or Morsi, when the Muslim Brotherhood made JIZYA ‘protection money’ payments compulsory – in fact they are taking those payments direct from Non-muslim’s wages… I know this from my friend, a Coptic Christian in Egypt, who now loses about 20% or her take home pay. We must ensure that we get this right and to infer a Tax in Halal products is a mistake which will render any objection to those charges groundless.
    The only Tax we can infer is the indirect Zakat Tax… see this article:
    Halal Funds Terrorists: ZAKAT
    If You Buy Halal, You Are Indirectly Financing Terrorism Via Zakat
    Islamic charitable organizations send funds to militant organizations who fight in the Cause of Allah

  5. Annie says:

    We need to start educating our clueless politicians about what’s going on with this sharia tax by stealth. I’ve spoken to a few MPs and they have NO idea how widespread this certification is, or if they do, they don’t see a problem. Most just flick it over to being the companies’ decisions, without realising how companies are being coerced to be accredited (read: blackmailed). We also have to do the same at the checkout. At the supermarket yesterday, a lady in front of me had a trolley full of Devondale milk and I asked her if she knew her milk was halal accredited. She replied “no, doesn’t halal just apply to meat?”. I told her that each product attracted a royalty and she’s paying for it. When I rattled off the list of non food items, she looked at me like I was a mad racist, so the last thing I said to her was that halal is part of Sharia law. The look of shock on her face was priceless, but I doubt she’ll do anything to change her shopping habits. I also explained to friends in Melbourne on the weekend about halal and pointed out the products in their pantry that were certified. Including the Cadburys chocolate. They were also shocked. We have to keep working together to expose halal extortion without appearing to be Islamophobic or racist. Linking halal to sharia seems to be the most successful way.

  6. Adrian says:

    Didn’t Australia in the last few years ban the export of our cattle to certain countries due to the cruel and inhumane way they were slaughtered?
    Now it seems this is OK to do in Australia so it can be certified. I think the issue is that we should NOT be allowing the animals to be slaughtered this way here in Australia. That way if consumers want Halal they will need to buy imported product. This will push the price up and restaurants and food outlets can charge those who want it Not those who don’t and maybe give us our choice back. I am frustrated at losing all of my favourite foods because I decided I would boycott the inhumane killing of animals. I have no choice. We are being forced to eat halal or starve.

    • Have you considered telling your supermarkets you will no longer buy their halal certified products?

      You may think it is the producer you ought to be contacting – and that is a thing to do yes. However I recently read that some of the manufacturers and producers were being pressurised by the BIG supermarkets to ensure their products were Halal or they would no longer stock them.

      The other thing that is important is to campaign for politicians to demand ALL Halal Certified goods/foods CLEARLY SHOW a recognisable symbol so that we – the consumer have freedom to choose wether to purchase a Halal Certified Product. Currently a high percentage of products which have been certified, do not display the symbol.

  7. Sharia goes way beyond food and halal but the point we want to make here is that all of the halal certification organisations are operating under sharia law and desire for sharia law to be accepted as a part of our mainstream society. Money that is paid out in fees for halal certification is used to fund in part or whole the push for sharia law in Australia. On the Islamic website (June 11) the secretary of the Australian Islamic Mission, Siddiq Buckley is quoted as saying,

    “There are practical examples of [sharia] here already. We have Muslim schools, mosques, funeral parlours, shops and businesses. We’ve got abattoirs, Islamic charities, Islamic financial institutions. There are so many things – halal meals served on airlines. This is all part of Sharia.”

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