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Please Close that Back Door ~~~

In Australia we do not allow direct to consumer advertising of pharmaceutical drugs. It is OK in the USA and I believe also in NZ for the Pharmaceutical Companies to advertise their drugs on television and possibly also in theatres. … Continue reading

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Can we have Our Money Back Please?

If you buy something that does not live up to both your expectations and the supplier’s description, I believe you are entitled to a refund. The goods could be considered defective. I mean if the microwave oven you just purchased … Continue reading

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Australia – to be pitied or scorned – that is the question

In recent days the Federal Government of Australia has set into motion the process whereby a Carbon Dioxide Tax will be levied on Australians. The Government claims that only the top 500 polluters in the country will actually be taxed, … Continue reading

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>Let us provoke a thought or two ~~~

>Most of us will have grown up with clichés and phrases running through our daily conversations. Some of these I think you will be familiar with. The writing on the wall cliché: telling us something that is about to happen, … Continue reading

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>The Poli’s Resurrection Shuffle ~~~

>This was not a good day to wake up – in pain (fibromyalgia is an ugly disorder!) and discover that our ‘credible’ politicians were doing the ‘Resurrection Shuffle’. Come on now, anyone of my age (I am not telling) should … Continue reading

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>Why would younger women vote for Julia Gillard and retiree’s not?

> Is it a case of let’s see if the Australian Public will be happy having a de facto ‘First Couple’ living in ‘sin’ the Lodge? Have moral standards slipped so low that the voting women of Australia are cheering … Continue reading

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>Does the Government Own a Printing Press?

> Since The Australian Labor Party, under the direction of Julia Gillard PM, began its electioneering campaign for the forthcoming Federal Election, called for August 21st, 2010, there has been no sign of economic restraint or ‘fiscal responsibility.’ At the … Continue reading

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>Canberra Declaration – a call to Christian conscience

> The Canberra Declaration The Preamble to the Australian Constitution contains the words, “Humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God”. As Australian citizens we continue to declare that we too put our trust in Almighty God. For centuries, to … Continue reading

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>Faith and Politics ~~~

> How does a Christian decide where to cast their vote when an election is looming? It is not simply a matter of placing ‘ticks’ in boxes on a ballot paper and hoping your chosen candidate wins their seat. If … Continue reading

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>Where the Truth Lies ~~~~~

> Oh My Goodness – an honest politician? I always thought the term ‘honest politician’ was an oxymoron – but now there is proof otherwise. On Australian National Television last night Opposition Leader Tony Abbott – who demonstrates strong Christian … Continue reading

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