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The Flu that will Kill You – so they say

The news media and the doctors surgeries are full of it again – Deadly Influenza Virus heading for Australia. It’s done some terrible damage and claimed lives in the USA – prepare now before it’s too late! (sounds kind of … Continue reading

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Who you going to believe?

Tiz a rhetorical question really, because in the end it is your body and your brain – so it is probably best to work it out for yourself. OK so the weatherman says it is springtime, and those flowering trees … Continue reading

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Current Death Count

So where are the bodies? Daily headlines from around the world speak of the numbers found dead from mudslides, avalanches, flooding, rockslides, not to mention wars, insurgencies, terror attacks, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes etc etc etc. All in all the … Continue reading

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