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An Open Letter to the new Australian Government

Dear Elected Member of the Australian Parliament, I write to you specifically to say ‘Congratulations’ and to tell you how pleased I am to see a new direction opening up for our Country. With you all at the helm my … Continue reading

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Even with the Data – they still push low fat

Originally posted on Just ME in T's Health Stuff:
One would think that the organization (in any country) responsible for issuing guidelines for the nation’s health and well being, would – when presented with clinical data showing that carbohydrate…

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Gone – but certainly will NOT be forgotten

Only this week I learned of the death of one of the world’s foremost Low Carbohydrate Diet Advocates Dr. Barry Groves (R.I.P.) When Oxfordshire Cotswolds native Dr. Barry Groves and his wife Monica decided to start on a low-carb, high-fat … Continue reading

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