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Even with the Data – they still push low fat

Originally posted on Just ME in T's Health Stuff:
One would think that the organization (in any country) responsible for issuing guidelines for the nation’s health and well being, would – when presented with clinical data showing that carbohydrate…

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Fed Up With the Business of Being Sick

You know many people I talk with tell me in one way or another that they are fed up being sick. That can mean they are emotionally and physically fed up with an ongoing and debilitating illness, or they are … Continue reading

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Is this why you are ill?

Usually I write a diatribe, explaining my position on a particular issue, but this one is self-explanatory and very well portrayed. There are times a well presented documentary is worth the viewing, so I will keep this short. Belonging to … Continue reading

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CSIRO Playing at being god –

CSIRO in danger of causing humans serious liver damage Glycogen is the body’s stored energy, with the biggest storage site in the liver and the balance in the muscles. For normal movement and brain functioning in a healthy and well-nourished … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Just ME in T's Health Stuff:
Yes you are most probably fed up with all the mail you receive expounding on the dangers of the chemicals they put into your drinking water, just to keep you…

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Life has NO VALUE – according to WHO

Have we become totally immune to the killing of other human beings? That is probably a rhetorical question these days, as taking another person’s life, be it in a war zone, on a television show, a movie at the cinema … Continue reading

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