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Seeking The Right Word

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I have a problem finding the right word to describe a situation, a happening or even a common or everyday thing. My brain simply seems to be in ’empty mode’ … Continue reading

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All Human Life is Precious

Ask a room full of people when they believe human life begins and you are likely to get lively discussion. Most people though seem to agree that when the sperm impregnates the ovum, a new life begins – except if you are … Continue reading

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Prescription for Mass Murder

It is depressing (no pun intended) to be sitting at the computer on Christmas Eve contemplating the murders, suicides and other tragedies that are known to have occurred due to legally prescribed medications. Yes you read that correctly – LEGALLY … Continue reading

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Originally posted on JustMEinT's Christian Musings:
Is that kind of like being told ‘mind your own business”? Perhaps in a way it is, but would it actually have made any difference if My Lord Jesus had sat down and…

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Can’t get any simpler ~~~

The Origin of Left and Right I have often wondered why it is that Liberals are called the “right” and Labor are called the “left.” By chance, a friend stumbled upon this verse in the Bible: The heart of the … Continue reading

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