Who Owns What in this World of Spider Web Controls?

The Web is wide and all encompassing…. food manufacturers do know their food is addictive

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fathers worldcCCCWho owns what? and more importantly Who Owns You?   So you like Vegemite on toast – you must be an Aussie. Others prefer a nice jam, or honey or even a spreadable cheese  like Velveeta. I used to like toast with baked beans  (Heinz of course) – not much use to me these days – but they are still ‘fond childhood memories’.

Food is such a big issue. Is it safe to eat – I mean who does not remember the Chinese (plastic in the milk) scare of 2008? What about the fake meatChinese style of course? Then there was (and is) theMeat Glue Scandal we are being ripped off! Lastly we should not ignore all theE. coli outbreaks reported on by the FDAas example – happening in and from contaminated ordinary everyday foods we eat. Is it any wonder many homemakers…

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  1. Jen Hite says:

    It just gets worse…I bet Nestl are using the same scientific formula.

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