Zoloft – Cure Worse Than the Ill

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Cure worse than the ill


Julie-Anne Davies | March 20, 2008

HOW sad, stressed or downcast does a teenager have to be before they are diagnosed as depressed and prescribed anti-depressants?


Not very if you believe 16-year-old Melbourne schoolgirl Hannah Mulcahy and her mother Nicola. According to the Mulcahys. Hannah became suddenly mentally ill and suicidal after taking the antidepressant Zoloft for just four days in September last year.


She wound up in the adolescent psychiatric ward at the Royal Children’s Hospital. She was given Prozac and the sleeping drug Stilnox and her condition deteriorated further.


It was only after Nicola Mulcahy took her daughter home and threw away the pills that Hannah began to recover.


Now her mother is suing the doctor who originally prescribed the antidepressant because, she says, not once did this…

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