Even with the Data – they still push low fat

The proof is in the pudding and yet they refuse to alter their incorrect and potentially lethal recommendations. Fat is GOOD and Carbs MUST be lowered.

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One would think that the organization (in any country) responsible for issuing guidelines for the nation’s health and well being, would – when presented with clinical data showing that carbohydrate consumption and NOT FAT consumption raises blood levels of triglycerides – proven to be detrimental in heart health, would amend their health recommendations accordingly.

This however was not the case, it ended up with the same (older) recommendations being published yet again – and the heart health of the nation’s will continue to suffer accordingly.

You think I jest? You think that there is no data / no proof in scientific terms to back up what I have just written? THINK AGAIN!

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently published a report discussing this topic entitled Triglycerides and Cardiovascular Disease(2), chronicling the rising rates of serum triglyceride levels and its role in cardiovascular disease, in order to “update clinicians on…

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