How Did It Happen?

Time to own up – that a HUGE error was made thirty something years ago – and move on!

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fat trapHow did Fat is Bad – Fat kills – Fat Causes Heart Disease get so wrongly ingrained into the public psyche?  (This is saturated fat) There never was proof that this was so. It was a theory which when attempts were made to prove it so – failed miserably.

I have often wondered who the ‘bright spark’ was that decided even if there were only a few who possibly needed treating – we really MUST treat the entire shebang! I discovered  the guy’s name is Geoffrey Rose.

Let me quote this for you: (pages 66-67 from Good Calories – Bad Calories….. Gary Taubes)

That cholesterol-lowering provides little benefit to the individual was not unknown to the authors of these expert reports. This rational was elucidated in  Diet and Health which explained that the purpose of preventative medicine in public health was to achieve the greatest good by treating entire populations…

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    Love the photo of the river. I am in Sydney. Home tomorrow. Great article. Jen xxxx

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