Our Oceans

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The West Wind

The sails of The West Wind delight in the deflected breeze coming off Table Cape – an ancient volcanic plug, situated close to the mouth of The Inglis River in Wynyard Tasmania. Leading her out, a pod of friendly dolphins frolic and play. Almost one could imagine them calling
‘follow us right this way’.

Storm Surges are notorious at certain times of the year
and under certain weather conditions.
The power and majesty of the ocean has never ceased to thrill me.
Seaham Harbour in County Durham in the UK (according to internet sources) is one such place that faces the wrath of the major storm surges battering the coast from time to time. This can of course be both frightening and exhilarating.

Durham Storm 2013

Archeology shows us that since the earliest of days
humans have traversed the oceans. There are fishing boats, and leisure boats…

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