RANT – Bone Mineral Density, Osteoporosis & Osteopenia PART ONE

RANTING seems to help me clear my thoughts. So many women (again) are being misled…. get the facts!

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rantI have had my bone density checked
have you?

In Australia you have to meet certain requirements or the cost of the test will not be met by Medicare.

I fortunately (questionable) met the criteria due to having been on heavy steroid drugs for a period of time. Then, of course – as they discovered (according to WHO standards) I had Osteopenia (the beginnings of osteoporosis), which now means I will continually be eligible for ongoing bone density monitoring.

The G.P. who looked at my results said I had two years in which to try in improve my bone density by increasing my calcium intake and ensuring adequate Vitamin D, or I would need to begin taking a drug (Bisphosphonate) for the rest of my life – which I was assured would be of great benefit to me in preventing (hopefully) bone fractures.

I love research, so this gave…

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