The Flu that will Kill You – so they say

vaccinationThe news media and the doctors surgeries are full of it again – Deadly Influenza Virus heading for Australia. It’s done some terrible damage and claimed lives in the USA – prepare now before it’s too late! (sounds kind of doomsday-ish to me!)

“Children, pregnant mothers, health compromised people and the elderly should all be vaccinated – see your doctor now. “ I can hear the Town Criers singing out – oh well perhaps that is a slight exaggeration – but you surely get my drift?

The devastating flu outbreak in the US could be on its way here by: Tory Shepherd   

20 children have died from flu in the US  – Influenza strains travel the globe  – Australia should consider US season a “forewarning” .

Tens of thousands of Australians get the flu each year, many are hospitalized and some die. The most vulnerable are older people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, pregnant women and anyone with an underlying health problem.

Yet the CDC tells us categorically that this year’s Influenza Vaccine was 50 percent effective for those ages 50-64, but only 9 percent effective for those age 65 and older, U.S. health officials say.

I don’t get the flu shot. I already have a compromised immune system, so I am not going to allow anyone to pump me full of germs (virus’).

I believe in doing all I can to build up my body to prevent the annual circulating nasties from attacking me and taking hold.

If – (worst case scenario), I do manage to catch a ‘bug’ then I know my body will deal with it – expel it as it were – in due course – three days is my worst case scenario, and that is all it takes! A fever is your body’s response to a foreign invader – the influenza virus, so I go to bed and ‘sweat it out’. Drink plenty of fluids plus extra-large (to bowel tolerance)amounts of vitamin C, take a shower when I can, then crawl back into bed and let nature take its course.

Gary Null is a great researcher, he has a paper well worth your time reading:

Why You Should NOT Get A Flu Shot of course there is the ‘follow the dollar’ thought, and he does show that the vaccine itself is not terribly effective. He even has proof that soap and water are seriously effective in the ongoing fight against spreading germs. Simple soap and water – who would have thought?

Do yourself and your family a favour and think about why you want to be vaccinated? Is it because of peer pressure? Intimidation from a medical provider? An employer putting you under pressure?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is looking at whether or not the flu vaccine is effective. Preliminary results indicate you’ll get just as sick (with colds, flu, flu-like illnesses) if you got the vaccine than if you didn’t. Why doesn’t the vaccine work? In order to understand the answer, you’ll need to understand some specifics about the flu vaccine and a bit about how immunity works.

Perhaps you should do some research for yourself. The above link will help you in the right direction.

While you are reading and learning, increase your daily vitamin C intake and eat fresh (non processed) foods, like grass-fed animals, beef, pork, chickens, eggs. Add loads of seasonal colourful vegetables, and ensure you have an adequate intake of Vitamin D3. Research has shown that this ‘sunshine vitamin’ can fight off influenza better than any vaccination.

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