Curren Events which have shaken the world today – Can Popes Retire?

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popeThe world awoke to the news today that Benedict XIV, Holy Roman Pontiff has announced he will be retiringat  8pm on February 28, 2013. This has caused consternation for Catholics world-wide as Popes do not normally retire!

However it is not without precedent, (It has been done before) but not for a very long time.

I grew up believing that like the King or Queen of England, The Holy Roman Pontiff was in that position until they drew their last breath. Even I was startled by this news. One of the first things I told my DH upon awakening and being told about the Papal situation was that he ought to read up on the works of St. Malachi  because the end-timers, prophets of doom and such like will be out in droves looking to see if the next Pontiff is of dark skin. I will get to that…

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