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When was the last time your Doctor, your Cardiologist, your Diabetic Educator etc told you to use butter – it’s so good for you? No I am not going off the deep end – I am not bonkers either. If you have watched the media this past week you ought to have heard that butter-curl-on-a-knifescientists have discovered a GREAT BIG MISTAKE was made 30 or something years ago. For reasons which may become clearer as you read today’s blog, you will see that the advice they have been giving to us all this time has actually led to a lot of additional people dying!

The only reason ‘they’ strongly ordered us – think “Stalag Like” to  use PUFAS – polyunsaturated fatty acids – think liquid plant oils and margarine  instead of all natural saturated fats like butter and lard, was because:

PUFAs were regarded as a uniform molecular category with…

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