Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and die. Alfred Lord Tennyson.

agenda_21_1Look around your home, your office, your business and read the labels to see where the goods you are using came from. I bet you MEGA $$$$’s that the vast majority of those goods have been made outside of Australia – you KNOW I am correct!

I remember when growing up that many of the locals in our home town/area worked for the big manufacturing giants. The Car Makers, The Woollen Mills, The Paper Mills, and The Dock Yards all spring to mind immediately. There were smaller but none the less highly productive companies that manufactured and distributed small parts – used to build and repair machinery, homes and businesses.

Spare parts for cars and other industrial engines were locally made and could be locally sourced. Simple things like a tiny automatic  needle threader for my sewing machine were available at my local haberdashery.  Not any longer though! These and a myriad of other small, but essential parts are now imported from foreign manufacturers and suppliers, and in many cases (not all) are far below the standards we had become used to.

If our children had decided to gain employment in trade, there were plenty of apprenticeships to apply for – more often than not in the same industry that their Father and or Grandfather had worked in (for the boys) and for the girls, maybe they would follow in the line of their Mother’s career. If you were prepared to work for a living – work could always be found. And I mean full-time work!

Then something changed drastically. What I am about to tell you does NOT account for everything bad about industry, manufacturing and the employment scene in Australia – but I believe it certainly has a lot to do with it. The worst part though is that Joe and Josephine Blow – Mr. and Mrs. Average Australian – knows little about it – if anything. I cannot remember it being taught in school – see if you can.

In 1975 the then government of Australia signed a United Nations Treaty – The Lima Agreement (with the full support of all major political parties). It should be clearly understood that the ‘Lima Declaration’ is one of many hundreds of  international agreements and treaties signed by Australia, usually by one man The Minister for Foreign Affairs or his nominee, who signs on behalf of all Australians. It should also be clearly understood that 99.9.% of Australians do not know what such agreements and treaties are about, nor how they affect their lives, and they are not told, if they were, there would be instant riot.

Simply, The Lima Declaration is an agreement to wind down Australian manufacturing by around 30% and to import that amount from other preferred Countries together with as much primary produce as we can consume. Such as fruit, meat etc.

The 30% was a target that has now blown out, current estimates are that 90% of our production  capacity has gone, and our jobs with it. There is no mention in the agreement about what will happen to the Australians who lose their jobs, their factories or their farms, it appears they are expendable.

Your government has signed away your birthright! Has signed away any chance you and your family have – to work for a living and to provide for your family. At the same time they have created a culture of Social Benefit Recipients – who they then complain about as being lazy ‘give it to me – I deserve it’ moaners and groaners.

As described below these are some of the outcomes of giving away Australian manufacturing etc (all due to the Lima Agreement and other non specific international trade agreements not discussed here).

Simply 50% of the productive Australian workforce’ becomes unemployed.

Taxes on the remainder in employment increases, to pay for the unemployed.

With new shortage of income you are forced to buy cheaper imports, or go without thereby aggravating the spiral of well planned economic transfer (oppression)

Government (unproductive sections) will increase their numbers to cover up the real unemployed statistics or / and change the definition of unemployed; if you work 10 hours a month you will be considered employed. We then have more people in Government at all levels with little to do, other than think up more ways of controlling those who are left to produce what little we don’t import, employed thinking up new revenue raising schemes, and raising penalties to ensure their salaries.

And last but not least, the obscure reason behind The Lima Declaration, Australia becomes a dependent nation, dependent on other nations for its shoes, its machinery, it’s food, it’s survival. 

This is not a complete picture, but it ought to be sufficient to get you to ask questions of the present government, and any politician you may be considering voting for at the 2013 election.

You will want a secure future for yourself and for any children you are bringing up – and with the current state of affairs, this is seeming more and more unlikely!

There is no doubt, that within the grand plan of international control (via the United Nations) there is no room for self-sufficient nations. Any nation that has all the minerals it needs and can grow all the food and fibre it needs cannot be totally controlled by any international body such as the United Nations the International Monetary Fund or The World Bank. An independent nation (independent in its production of all the things it needs) cannot be brought to heel by sanctions, such as in South Africa was and Iraq is at the present. The international control cannot starve the infants of an independent nation, nor deny them medication, as is the case in Iraq. 

If Australia cannot make its own shoes, clothes, and machinery, then others will control us. That is the real purpose of The Lima Declaration, and that is why those who support the Lima Declaration, including those in influential positions are all traitors. 

The expression used in that last paragraph ‘traitors’ may seem rather strong, but how else do you describe an entity that barters or just outright gives away your birthright?

There are a myriad of resources for you to read and research on this subject, yet somehow they do not make the evening news or the daily newspaper – you have to wonder why.

The above italicised quotes come from HERE

Paul Keating signed us up to the UN project known as Agenda 21. To understand why we now have a carbon tax you need to understand what Agenda 21 is about. It is a global treaty.  HERE

The terms Agenda 21 and  Sustainable Development both come from the Lima Agreement. I had to do some digging into my Local Councils laws and paperwork, to see the term ‘Sustainable Development’ was interwoven right through the plans and laws of our local community. It is also interwoven right through the laws and decrees of the Australian Nation. May I suggest you do some looking for yourself and do not be misled that this is ‘all good’ for the future of planet earth…… follow the dollar!

Agenda 21 is an international blueprint that outlines actions that governments, international organisations, industries and the community can take to achieve sustainability. These actions recognise the impacts of human behaviours on the environment and on the sustainability of systems of production. The objective of Agenda 21 is the alleviation of poverty, hunger, sickness and illiteracy worldwide while halting the deterioration of ecosystems which sustain life.

They state it is a consensus…… were you consulted? was I?

If you follow no other link I post here WATCH THIS ONE
Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Australian Agenda 21a must listen:  EVERY AUSTRALIAN MUST LISTEN TO THIS! Sue Maynes talking on the Prospectus Radio Show on how the Queensland government secretly stripped the land ownership rights away from the people of Queensland.

A final thought: Today, in 2012, the lives of all Australians are being increasingly controlled by an undemocratic foreign agency, the United Nations, through their Agenda 21 program which is being implemented with the assistance of all three levels of government in Australia.

This week an article appeared on line that is circulating widely and challenging Australian’s with regards to Agenda 21 and Australia’s role with its bed partner known as the United Nations. It is time you knew what is happening under your very nose. It is time to do something about the debt this once great nation is now deeply embroiled in. Will you challenge your politicians? You can make a difference! Follow the links provided here, and do further research yourself.

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