COMFREY given a bad rap unfairly! learn all you can about this valuable asset.

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When the news media decides to run a story – they want to make certain as many people as possible read/hear about it – after all that is what the media is all about! Well that and making money too !!!    

When they decided to give Comfrey a bad rap – the papers were full of the so called dangers of this wonderful herb.                    .

A little about the Herb Comfrey:

Comfrey has been known to have been used medicinally since at least the Middle Ages. In the past it was freely used externally to speed healing of wounds and internally to aid cell production and recovery from illness and surgery. In the early 1900′s it was proven to contain a cell-proliferant substance known to promote healing of bone and tissue. However in the 1980′s some scientists reported that it contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids (in the root more so than the…

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