For Crying Out Loud

If it rains and we get wet!!! or overflowing creeks and rivers – blame it on Climate Change.

If we are in a seasonal drought and crops fail (which they tend to do)  – blame it on Climate Change.

If the sun is too hot – blame it on Climate Change, and if the wind is blowing too hard do the same thing!

If a hurricane (not nice) makes landfall and collides with the gulf stream and a cold front (or two) – think SANDY…. blame it on Climate Change. Of course we must remember by Climate Change, they mean AGW – human caused!

There has been much noise in the American Media that neither candidate has addressed the (dreadful) issue of climate change in the lead up to the election. How fortuitous that SANDY happened to appear right now and cause (sadly) the damage, both to human life and property that is has it has.

So what to do? Ask the public to vote on-line and express their opinion as to if SANDY was caused by climate change. Help me out here folks…… I mean these days if you have an ingrowing toenail you can blame it on climate change or – if that seems a bit far-fetched (which it may well be) you can always apply for a government grant. This grant would be of course, to study the effects of climate change on the feet of elderly residents in nursing homes, due to the inclement weather and high moisture content etc etc etc…….

If you – like me find this all a bit too over the top … add your vote here. And lest you consider me heartless when this Natural Disaster has caused so much damage and death, pray with me for those who have been in the path of this disaster, that they will find all the help they need, from the agencies they rely upon in times of crisis such as this. I also pray that victims and loved ones will turn to their Bibles and seek the Lord in all matters, especially at times like this.

I know it is a tough market out there in Media-Land, trying to sell papers and magazines, but this takes the icing!

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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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  1. Frances says:

    Well at least the No’s are winning this one Clare. Phew wipes brow. Actually I have another theory, it is that all the Hot Air from Politicians seeking the Presidency, probably created the conditions which caused Sandy! Well my theory has as much basis as Global Warming does! That is my excuse, and I am sticking with it. 🙂

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