Who is Really Gulity?

I cannot get my head around the recent news about Italian scientists being sent to prison – being convicted for not predicting an earthquake event in 2009. If that is how it’s going to be from now on, will they, do you think also use the reverse logic scenario?

The scientists sentenced – who represent the cream of Italy’s earthquake experts – formed part of the seismic activity committee, known as the Major Risks Commission, in 2009. They were summoned six days before the 6 April quake by Italy’s civil protection agency to consider a series of tremors in the L’Aquila area. Prosecutors alleged they gave “incomplete, imprecise and contradictory” information on the dangers locals faced.

Now if you can be sentenced for getting the facts wrong – in this case a devastating earthquake that killed over three hundred people, don’t you think it is also worth a court case and a prison term for media moguls, politicians and former politicians who have used their influence to terrorize nations into believing the world, as we know it, is coming to an end?  Not only did they terrorize people but they also increased taxation to cover and assist to prevent these so-called doom and gloom scenarios.

The very first one that springs to mind would have to be Al Gore – yes he of the polar bear and melting glacier fame and fortune.

The next one to be held accountable would be Dr Michael Mann of the Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts. This is the Mann of the Hockey Stick infamy.

To disprove the `Hockey Stick’, it is sufficient to merely demonstrate conclusively the existence of the Medieval Warm Period and/or the Little Ice Age in proxy and/or historical evidence from around the world. According to the `falsifiability’ principle of science, substantial physical evidence that contradicts a theory is sufficient to `falsify’ that theory. To that end, `exhibits’ of physical evidence are presented below to prove that not only is the `Hockey Stick’ false, but that the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age were not only very real – but also global in extent.

Now I don’t want to be seen to be anti the Global Warming ‘elite’ – religion, so I will name a few others who have come out loud and strong, with positions that have influenced humanity – incorrectly.

Take as an example Former U S President George W Bush, and his associate Dick Cheney. They stood strong and tall on National Television and told not only the Nation of America, but the entire world that Saddam Husain had Weapons of mass destruction, and that he must be wiped out to save the world. Did they find these weapons?

In Australia we have Julia Gillard and her Green offsiders, who have raised taxed ostensibly to cover the increase in carbon dioxide which – they tell us – is causing Global Warming – or was that Climate Change, or will it be Global Cooling? This is of course being proven to be incorrect at every turn of the page. We are a carbon based life form, and our very eco system depends on carbon dioxide to feed and nourish the plants on which we rely for survival.

The UK Met Office has proven that Global Warming stopped over 16 years ago yet those who like raking in the money have ignored that piece of news.

Now if a group of scientists can be found guilty of a crime – not telling the community that a devastating earthquake was forthcoming – surely those who shout danger, danger, warning, warming, and are found to be incorrect, can also be hauled before the courts and made to pay the ultimate price. After all, individuals, community groups, government departments and most of humanity who actually believe what politicians, bureaucrat and administrators tell them – have been terrorized and taxed beyond belief.

School children have been told lies; their curriculum has been poisoned to include the lies and misinformation put about by these lying, cheating leaders of our society. Surely that is a crime worth punishing too?

Personally I believe the scientists are not guilty of any crime. Earthquakes cannot be predicted with any amount of certainty, and this sounds like political manipulation of the facts and details…. someone has to be held accountable – let’s blame the scientists!

Mitch Battros says: Perhaps the first thing you will notice in the sentencing of six scientists – it is being directed for “non-disclosure”. This is to say, the jury believed these six scientists wilfully withheld information related to predicting an earthquake – and as a result, several buildings collapsed and 309 people died. 

As mentioned in yesterday’s first release, the entire geo-physical community knows science has not advanced enough to predict the exact time and place of an earthquake. Yes, there are precursors, but this does not tell you the size or exact location of the epicentre. Yes, there are high risk areas where we can guarantee there will be an earthquake – but again, there is not yet a scientific foundation to say exactly when and where the event will occur.

Ever wondered how many false claims and errors the IPCC has made so far?

If you are going to imprison one group of people for getting the facts wrong – then I suggest we hold the rest of the people who spout garbage – as mentioned above – also accountable in the World Court.





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