Most important that people understand the industry hype bedind these most dangerous of drugs.

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Yesterday, a british national newspaper ran an article suggesting that statins can reduce the risk of cancer. The article refers to statins as “superpills” and reinforces all of the common myths about cholesterol. 

The article refers to a recently published study in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, however, the newspaper fails to mention several key points. Firstly, that the study they refer to is an observational study and not clinical trial data. And secondly, that statin clinical trials have tended to exclude cancer patients from the data analysis.

This newspaper article is so biased, it is difficult to see it as anything more than an advertisement for the pharmaceutical companies that make statins.

An alternative view of the link between statins and cancer can been seen in the video clip below. Dr Uffe Ravnskov and Dr Paul Rosch introduce some of the concerns…

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