You Don’t Like It?

OK we will hide it from you

So you are a bit like me in that you prefer to know what it is that you are ingesting. You are a cautious shopper, who patronizes the local farmers markets? You prefer to buy fresh food which you have been guaranteed, by the farmer him/her self, to be organic? So far so good.

You are aware of the fact that many processed foods contain Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMO’s) and to the best of your ability you avoid them – well I do! You and I both read food labels. If I so much as see SOY listed I avoid it like the plague.

But what about the animal products that you choose to eat – are they GMO free? You do know I expect that Food Standards of Australia & New Zealand does not require animal feeding studies be done? They do not even conduct their own studies at all, but rely on information passed along to them by the GMO giants – Talk about letting the fox guard the hen house! Yes even the chickens maybe being fed on GM grain and you would not know it.

Does FSANZ require animal feeding studies?

Not routinely, although we acknowledge there may be future GM foods where the results of animal feeding studies may be useful and, in those cases, we may require such studies.   FSANZ considers that a scientifically-informed comparative assessment of GM foods with their conventional counterparts can generally identify any potential adverse health effects or differences requiring further evaluation.  For most GM foods, animal studies are unlikely to contribute any further useful information to the safety assessment and therefore are not warranted.  FSANZ convened an expert panel in June 2007 to specifically consider the question of whether animal feeding studies are necessary to determine the safety of GM foods. The conclusions and recommendations from the expert panel are available here .

So there you have it, they don’t really consider it necessary to investigate the animals that are being fed (an unnatural food) GMO’s, which in turn are fed to us.

Livestock rations in Australia and elsewhere contain GM ingredients

Stockfeed containing GM oilseed meals is already used in Australia and Australia’s major export competitor nations.

The increasing use of GM stockfeed in Australia reflects developments overseas, where the rapid adoption of GM soybeans, maize, cotton and canola has increased availability for stockfeed.

GM animal feed is used by Australia’s main export competitors—Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Denmark and Brazil. Of these countries, Australia is estimated to use the least amount of GM feed in percentage terms. Canada and the United States use the most. There is no reliable feed usage date for New Zealand.

Which stockfeeds are commonly used in Australia?

In 2006–07, the major grains and grain products used in animal feed in Australia were wheat, barley and sorghum. The grain component of feed may also contain maize, soybean, canola, cottonseed, oats or derived meal products.

The specific mix of grains in feed rations is typically determined by the nutritional requirements of the animal. It will also depend on the cost of grain commodities, seasonal conditions and availability of grains.

Which stockfeeds include a GM component?

In Australia, an estimated 487 200 tonnes of GM material was used in animal feed in 2006–07 (approximately 5 per cent of total grain and grain products used in animal feed that year).

Domestically sourced GM meals make up a minor but growing proportion of ingredients used in stockfeed mix. The use of GM stockfeed in Australia has been increasing over time, with the rapid adoption of GM cotton varieties by Australian farmers and GM soybeans, maize, cotton and canola internationally.

GM cottonseed meal, a by‑product of domestic cottonseed oil production, is used by stockfeed manufacturers as a key protein ingredient. Imported GM soybean and canola meal products are also used to boost the protein content of stockfeed. In coming years, domestically sourced GM canola meal will also form part of the mix.

Although no GM pastures or fodder crops have been approved for commercial production in Australia, varieties are being researched and may be approved in the future. In the meantime, Australian livestock may graze on GM canola stubble or be fed hay from GM canola crops.  (Source)

I think it is also very important to consider the fish that you purchase. Was it wild caught or farm raised? Is it a natural fish or one that has been bred especially for farm raising – therefore is genetically modified to suit this purpose. If it is a wild fish you can be moderately certain it has been feeding on a natural source of food. If it is a farm raised fish you can be moderately certain at least part of its diet may contain GM soy. (Source)

Just as cows were meant to graze on grass, so fish were meant to feed on other fish and plankton. Neither was meant to be held in pens and force fed a manufactured diet containing unnatural foods and genetically engineered chemicals.

You cannot label a piece of fish neither can you label a slab of meat…. That is unless of course you actually know the farmer or caught the fish yourself.

I have noticed around where I live there is a growing market of ‘grass fed’ animal products being sold. This can only be good for us, as we can be certain they will be just what the doctor ordered, sweet and tasty too. The food is fresh and labeled – easy to read, and for me the sausages are delicious and contain no soy or gluten.

The government is not looking out for our best interests here, they are in the money making business. If they can tax something they will, and there is big money to be made from GMO’s and bioengineered food stuffs.

They consider us too stupid to think that the cattle, poultry and fish we are consuming are probably a source of GM ingredients in our diets. We are being denied the right to choose for ourselves if we wish to eat GMO’s or not.


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  1. Frances says:

    Ok thanks now you have ‘officially’ made me feel ‘Sick’. Groan! As if I didn’t have enough to worry about already! Is there anything left that we can safely eat? It looks as though the plants we eat are contaminated with all kinds of crap, including insecticides and gmo’s. Where do these people who make these rules get their meat and fruit and veges? I bet they don’t put this poison into themselves and their own children, unless they really are completely NUTS! Or are they just that STUPID? Please don’t bother answering that question. I know the answer already! 😦

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