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I believe I have the right to know what it is that I am eating off my plate. I choose the ingredients for a particular recipe, to achieve a specific purpose. It may be the taste sensation it gives me, it maybe for the nutrient value of the specific food. It maybe all I can afford at this time of the month but I still want to know it is healthy for me.

Every country seems to have a government website with information on what you should be eating for a healthy lifestyle. They tell you how much protein, how many carbohydrates and definitely how much fat you should be consuming. There are goodies such as fresh vegetables and fruits, and there are definite baddies like Trans-fats!

Yet nowhere have I come across information on the specific health benefits of genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). However you will find that they are government approved, allowed into our food supply, which therefore means they are considered both safe and nutritious.

I blogged earlier this week, about how GMO’s are labeled for the consumer (or not) in both the USA and Australia. Doing the Australian part of the research was particularly enlightening for me. I have become very aware of the fact that Australia seems to follow whatever the FDA says and does – blindly… well that is my perception. However the The organization Down Under, which is akin to the FDA, the Food Standards (of) Australian & New Zealand FSANZ  does leave the consumer guessing what really is in the foods we eat.

A favorite author of mine, Michael Pollen (books) has just had an article published in the New York Times where he expends considerable energy on the matter of Genetically Modified Foods stuffs. He developed this article I believe around the upcoming Proposition 37 in California, which is calling for the labeling of all GMO products in the USA.

Of course the two HUGE corporations (Monsanto and DuPont) are fighting any changes which would require labeling to specify GMO’s so that consumers would have freedom of choice to decide what they will put into their bodies.

To prevent the United States from following suit, Monsanto and DuPont, the two leading merchants of genetically modified seed, have invested more than $12 million to defeat Prop 37. They’ve been joined in this effort by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, whose president declared at a meeting last July that defeating Prop 37 would be the group’s top priority for 2012. Answering the call, many of America’s biggest food and beverage makers — including PepsiCo, Nestlé, Coca-Cola and General Mills — have together ponied up tens of millions of dollars to, in effect, fight transparency about their products.

One must ask if these foods are so safe, healthy and good for us, then why (in the USA) is there such a huge fight on to prevent their disclosure to the general public?

Dr. Joseph Mercola recently wrote about the dangers of genetically Modified Foods. The article is a Must Read. One important point among many is about the industry hype and lies that are told to consumers, in particular about crop yields and feeding millions of starving people.

The saddest part about the GE debacle is that there’s no real need to take the wild risks we’re currently taking with our food supply and our future. For years, genetically modified crops have been sold as the solution for feeding the world. But mounting evidence shows the way to feed seven billion plus inhabitants on this planet, is by increasing biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

In fact, the most authoritative evaluation of agriculture, the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development,determined that the genetically engineered foods have nothing to offer the goals of reducing hunger and poverty, improving nutrition, health and rural livelihoods, and facilitating social and environmental sustainability

There is no proof whatsoever that these designer crops are safe, harmless and nutritional. There is no proof that they will increase yields which will help stave off hunger in starving nations. There is Mounting Evidence that they are dangerous, harmful to both people and nature, and that the considered Generally Safe  ‘tag’ given them by the FDA is wrong and ought to be rescinded, at least while non industry – independent studies are done to prove, one way or another their safety and viability.

I want to know what I am putting into my body – do you?

Who will you challenge and seek answers from?


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    We need to be aware but we have the promise Luke 10:19 nothing shall by anymeans hurt you.

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