So It Is NOT just All In Your Head Huh?

Why is it that so many people, seeming to suffer from the same symptoms, all get a similar diagnosis of ALL IN YOUR HEAD? Could it have anything to do with the fact Big Pharma does not have a pill for it? Or perhaps medical science has not come up with a definitive test for it yet?

For far too long people suffering from what is commonly known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) have been treated as malingerers and hypochondriacs. You might have heard them referred to as whiners who are simply seeking sympathy!

Sonia Poulson writing for the Mail OnLine was of this opinion – until as she tells us: a reader sent me a DVD of a British-made film about the illness titled ‘Voices From The Shadows’.

I receive dozens of clips and films each month, and I try and see as many as I humanly can, but there was something about ‘Voices…’ that stopped me in my tracks.

One of the reasons the film had such an impact is because it challenged my deep-seated preconceptions about M.E. 

Through ‘Voices…’ – and the subsequent research I have conducted – I have come to realize that what I thought I knew about the illness was a fallacy but, more importantly than that, was actually detrimental to those affected.

In her latest article (here) she tells her readers that M.E. is no more ‘in the mind’ than Multiple Sclerosis’. That would be a great revelation to those who suffer from this most debilitating of diseases and their families and loved ones. For far too long these people have been thrown out on the trash heap of life and treated as hypochondriacs and mentally ill malingerers. It is really wonderful to see a professional journalist writing in a large newspaper, not only defending these people, but spreading the word, far and wide.

If you or someone you know and love has been treated badly because of this illness, please pass the articles along so they can copy them and give them to their doctors, and any other entity who has denigrated them in their illness.
(Thanks to RB for the head’s up)

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