When the Bloomin Obvious Conflicts with the $$$

The world is becoming supersized… we have millions dying of heart disease….. Diabetes is now at epidemic heights… and on and on go the headlines in national newspapers.

BUT WAIT there is some good news today from a team of scientists who say they have discovered the way to control sugars (diabetes) and obesity.

There will be a new pill coming your way very soon. We can all now breathe a huge sigh of relief. It all has to do with four little enzymes in the digestive tract, and these two clever scientists figured out how to turn them on and off.

I will post the link to the article momentarily, but first I think it appropriate to mention a couple of things. Carbohydrates equate to starch… starch equates to sugar, more precisely glucose. Glucose is the food that every cell in the human body requires for energy production. Once consumed, glucose does not even have to go to the liver for processing; it is absorbed directly from the bloodstream with the assistance of insulin. Only the sugar/glucose that is needed by the body is used up in this way and the remainder is stored. (Over simplification) Source.

Now if you have too much insulin or too little insulin – either can be a serious problem for your body – we all know this. We all should know too that it is carbohydrates that cause the insulin response in the human body. So why don’t we simply eat less carbohydrates which should, if my thought processes are working correctly, reduce the amount of insulin required? Sound rather simple doesn’t it?

I am not going to take us all down the low carb diet path right now, but it is worth finding out about if you are a diabetic who prefers to get well without having to take drugs for the rest of your life.

If you are under the care of a Diabetes Educator you will no doubt have been given information about the (GI) glycemic index, and told you can and should eat all food in moderation. I think this is a scam, a load of bunkum, and a money-making tool. In fact there are a considerable number of people who feel this way regarding the GI approach.

You’ve been hearing a lot lately about the health benefits of so-called “low glycemic” foods. The theory is that these are foods which, though filled with carbohydrates, digest slowly and hence do not raised blood sugar. This, we are told, makes low glycemic foods ideal for everyone, especially people with blood sugar problems.

The truth is far different. Go on follow the link and see the other side of the story.

Where is this blog taking us today? I promised to give you the link to the story about the two clever scientists who are going to fix the Diabetes epidemic. This should be big news, when you consider that obesity seems to be a contributing factor to the world-wide epidemic. Sugar is currently being vilified in the media and health arena as a real villain in the obesity wars.

When you get to the end of the clever scientists’ paper which I linked above, you will find the following disclaimer:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture funded Hamaker’s portion of the research. The Canadian Institute of Health Research funded Pinto’s work.

Why is this so vitally important you may ask? Consider what would happen if those scientists had come out and said their research proved that eating grains hiked up the insulin response in the human body. This has, by the way, been shown to be correct – grains do hike up your sugar levels, which in turn hike up your insulin response. It will not matter if they are Low GI grains or not – it will still hike up the response to insulin in your body.

So instead of writing and publishing a paper stating this, they found a way to turn off the very enzymes used by the human body to digest the sugars which come from the consumed grains.

The Department of Agriculture is funded in large part by huge donations from the Grain Industry. How do you think they would respond to being told that the USDA is going to recommend all diabetics immediately reduce their grain consumption? In fact all human need to reduce their grain consumption to assist them to NOT become diabetics.

Instead of being taught to limit grain/carbohydrate consumption, in time we will have a new pill – think for the rest of your life and think BIG $$$…..

As always – follow the dollar!

Further reading:
Manufacturers pay Glycemic Index Limited a licence fee to use the GI Symbol on their products and the income is channelled back into education and further research.

Banting’s Letter on Corpulence – the First Ever Low Carb eating plan

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