How Wong can you get Peter

Finance Minister Penny Wong has warned elderly pensioners to properly declare their incomes.

Senator Wong said today she had “not been looking under pensioners’ beds lately”.

Just as well Penny, because I am so darn crook, I cannot move my bed right now so the only thing you would find there would be the resident family of dust mites!

“But I would say we have a system of means testing for access to the pension and people are required to declare their assets and their income in order to access them,” she told reporters in Canberra.

Does this mean that our coin jar must be declared too……
hope you enjoy the time consuming habit of counting 5 Cent pieces!

So this is what it is coming to, victimize the pensioners and then bring in a NO CASH (cashless) society, whereby every transaction made with a plastic card in the stores, can be monitored by the government.

This entire stupidity – no that is too gentle a word, this entire fiasco is one of the most cruel and unfounded accusations yet to be made about the society which gave you life! The story began and gained claws when former senior Reserve Bank official Peter Mair said elderly Australians were committing welfare fraud on a massive scale and are behind the extraordinarily high number of $100 notes in circulation. Mr Mair laid the blame squarely on elderly people wanting to get the pension and hiding their income in cash to ensure they qualified for the means-tested benefit.

Excuse me for my anger and cynicism, but next (if you are in receipt of an Australian pension) they will start doing unannounced, random house searches, looking for your undeclared and illegal contraband.

Great Uncle Barney’s gold watch, and your Mothers engagement ring, which you have failed to declare, will be considered contraband, and you will be charged as lying to, and obtaining a pension under false pretences. You Naughty Criminal Pensioner Person!

I just asked my husband exactly where he hid the bounty. His reply, rather sarcastically was that Wayne Baby is doing all in his power to get a surplus so pensioners are in his sights! If the country is so far in debt that it has to sink this low and attack the pensioners, they could do far better and check into their account with the United Nations, after all Julia has been spending Big Time (read bribing) with them lately.

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5 Responses to How Wong can you get Peter

  1. Frances says:

    Not only is this government planning on going after pensioners savings, wow I must look under my bed for some of that cash. Miss Gillard will be out of a job soon, I wonder how she would feel if the Opposition win the next election and they carried on like her, going after her mother’s pension? Since they were probably ‘$10 Pommie migrants’ I wonder how much pension money her mother is still getting from the UK? Will the Gillard government go after her own mother if her father’s UK pension is still going to her mother?

  2. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    The Labour government have so many things to answer for regarding their own financial mis-management and irresponsibility to the country and its citizens, they make themselves look silly when picking on pensioners. “Fraud on a massive scale” by our elderly, which I believe could be challenged, is an insult and an affront by comparison.

  3. Sandra says:

    Perhaps they could look closer at the people that don’t work, collect centre link payments and hang out in casinos. We have increasing numbers of elderly people hanging out in shopping centers in order to stay warm in winter and cool in summer because they can’t afford power bills. Who doesn’t have an Emergancy cash stash?

    • I personally know many pensioners who do not have a secret stash.

      • Frances says:

        It never occurred to me to keep cash in the house, I use a debit card to pay all my bills, I cancelled my credit card some years ago, because the interest was too high, and I wasn’t even using it but still paying for it anyway. I just finished paying off my house about 2 months ago, which means that I am no longer paying interest on the home loan anymore. I started a Saver account with the bank, which earns a small amount of interest. I also have a very tiny nest egg, in the bank to cover emergencies. My largest ‘personal expense’ would be books, two of my children gave me a Kindle book recently, and I can download books from Amazon at a much cheaper price than buying paperbacks. I downloaded a set of “The Complete Works of Mark Twain (Illustrated)” from Amazon for just $2.99. So sorry Miss Penny Wong no money under my bed. Funny that her name is ‘Penny’, is that because she is a cheapskate? 🙂

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