Who you going to believe?

Tiz a rhetorical question really, because in the end it is your body and your brain – so it is probably best to work it out for yourself.

OK so the weatherman says it is springtime, and those flowering trees are actually in bloom – even if the temperatures are still fairly low. Those television promotions – you know the Direct to Consumer Advertisement that come on to annoy you between the programs, is constantly reminding you that it is ALLERGY SEASON and the pollen count is high. Then they push A, B or C over the counter medication to help you manage your symptoms.

Hey that’s great news for allergy sufferers – for them I am extremely happy there is a quick, OTC fix available at the local pharmacy. But what if seasonal allergies are not a usual thing in your house – in your body? Could it be the start of something new – well I suppose it could. But I was feeling as crook as Rookwood and was highly skeptical of her diagnosis!

I was just too damn sick to fight the local pharmacist, who insisted I did not have a cold – what I was suffering from was the (time of the year) seasonal allergies.

I even (sick as I felt) took the time to put on one of those disposable face masks when I left the house, so as not to spread my germs among the small town population. I looked like death warmed up (one of Mary’s favourite sayings), and I must agree the mirror even backed away from me when I ventured over to comb my hair!

I was coughing, sneezing, snotting, shivering and with a stinking rotten headache had general malaise. A sore throat and a multiplicity of body aches and pains topped off the symptoms – all diagnosed as seasonal allergies that would settle down with an antihistamine and a decongestant nasal spray. Against my better judgement I took the potions and without my usual cheerful ‘bye for now’, I exited the store for a quick return to my warm bed.

Yes of course the pharmaceuticals did assist the symptoms, but the COLD had to run its course. I am left with thick ugly mucus and a hackling cough, an energy level that is in the ‘minus’ sector and a Darling Husband who has somehow – even after all my good intentions and precautions CAUGHT my so called seasonal allergies – who would have known they were infectious!

Local Pharmacist watches too much television!  
KNOW your own body!
Take your prescribed medications they will help.
A Cold will last a week or so, get plenty of rest and keep the fluids up.
Increase your intake of Vitamin C to the max your body will take and don’t forget the Colloidal Silver.
Get well soon.

 What a doctor says:

Question: How do you tell the difference between the common cold and seasonal allergies?

Answer: In general, allergies tend to start more with watery eyes, irritated eyes, a little bit of an itching sensation or a clogging in the ear, and some nasal congestion, or maybe even a sore or scratchy throat, but not severe.

Colds tend to come on a little bit more severely, more of a sore throat, more of a fatigue, more of a thicker and irritating mucus that people can have, more of an earache.

So in terms of the differentiation, the colds at first at least tend to be more severe, but if allergies go on for longer, then they can get to those levels, and it becomes more important to see a doctor and consider should I be treating this as just allergies or should I be treating this as a cold.

Certainly if you have a higher fever, if you have more of a headache, if you have a lot of thicker or yellow or green mucus, then those are generally more signs of an infection which may be a virus or even bacteria, and you might need more treatment than that, so if you’re having more of those symptoms that tell you that you’re really feeling sick rather than just bothered by the allergy symptoms or fatigued, then that would be a time to see your doctor.

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