Fed Up With the Business of Being Sick

You know many people I talk with tell me in one way or another that they are fed up being sick.

That can mean they are emotionally and physically fed up with an ongoing and debilitating illness, or they are fed up with the business of being sick itself. YES you read that correctly, sickness is Big Business.

But what if I were to tell you that the very business that proclaims it is going to make you better, is in fact making you worse in some cases, while at the same time it is raking in bucket loads of money!

Regular readers of this blog will already know that I am anti Cholesterol Lowering Medications AKA STATINS. I have myself suffered the debilitating side effects of this class of drugs, only to be told time and time again that ‘statins do not cause these problems’. Of course many years have passed since I was told that I was a hypochondriac, and medical articles now proliferate listing my particular issues as ‘known side effects’. Does that mean that the doctors now accept my issues as statin related? Sadly not – they do not seem to read the same medical articles that I read!

Being chronically ill (describes an illness or medical condition that lasts over a long period and sometimes causes a long-term change in the body) is devastating for the patient and their loved ones, but is big bucks – big business for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Yes that sounds very cynical but I believe I am correct in my estimation.

Just this last week a new and absolutely fantastic documentary has been released in the UK which enumerates, in very simple lingo just how financially beneficial to the Pharmaceutical interests, STATIN drugs have proven to be. (Details at the end of this blog)  Not only are they a financial mega windfall (over $29 Billion Dollars annually) in their own right, they also happen to contribute to, or even directly cause a multiplicity of other symptoms and medical issues, thereby making them even more of a financial genius. The sicker you get, the more often you need to seek medical attention, the more drugs you require, the more money they make!

STATIN Drugs and the Demon they purport to control – High Cholesterol will – I sincerely hope, go down in history akin to Thalidomide, as a terrible and unnecessary drug, foisted upon an unsuspecting and mostly uneducated population, wounding, maiming and killing untold numbers of innocent victims. Cholesterol is not a killer, just as morning sickness during pregnancy wasn’t – the same sadly cannot be said about the drugs given by the medical/pharmaceutical complex.

I get asked time and again by people who have been bombarded and bamboozled (read brainwashed) by advertising campaigns and medical personnel terrorizing them, about the fat in their arteries, “how low should my cholesterol really be, to be safe and healthy”. I usually answer them that whatever their numbers are – they are the right ones for them, at this moment in time. But, alas they are not convinced!

Many people seem to get locked into this HOW MUCH mentality. What should our levels be? If it’s too low how do we raise it? If it’s too high how do we lower it? I presume they mean safely.

I ask who defines the levels. What are their criteria? What is in it for them? and does it / will it save your life if you manipulate it via pharmaceutical drugs? 

Professor Uffe Ravnskov (a leader in his field) argues that cholesterol numbers are unimportant – they are simply numbers. http://www.ravnskov.nu/cholesterol.htm. Cholesterol is not a deadly poison, but a substance vital to the cells of all mammals. There are no such things as good or bad cholesterol, but mental stress, physical activity and change of body weight may influence the level of blood cholesterol.  High cholesterol is not dangerous by itself, but may reflect an unhealthy condition, or it may be totally innocent.  

(I believe that goes for both high and low numbers).

Cholesterol is not the evil baddie; it is merely a symptom, just as a sore finger is a symptom – a symptom of another reality. With the sore finger you would wonder if it was broken, bruised, cut, had a splinter in it – or some other reason it was causing you discomfort.

If cholesterol is blocking your arteries, then ask why it has done so. The fact that it is there needs further exploration. If your finger has a splinter in it which is causing you pain, putting a band-aid on it will not fix the problem until the splinter is removed. The same applies with arteries that are showing signs of clogging with what the medical people term plaque. Just don’t be misled by the ‘Fat is Bad mantra’ which has never been proven. 

Have you ever researched what arterial plaque is made of? Doing a search using Google with the parameters “arterial plaque made up of” – first page only brought up ten links, of which the majority were quoting the same thing: calcium, fat, cholesterol and ‘other’ substances.

One however – and not the first I would have chosenWikipedia did spell it out in more detail:

…… accumulation and swelling in artery walls made up of (mostly) macrophagecells, or debris, and containing lipids (cholesterol and fatty acids), calcium and a variable amount of fibrous connective tissue. 

That is a bit more descriptive than what the doctor usually tells a patient, or what we see on the TV when they are pushing the fat clogs your arteries hype. 

Going back to the sore finger analogy – with a splinter in it, we can see that the finger is sore for two reasons. First being that there is a foreign body lodged in it – this happens to me regularly when I am stacking or moving wood and I find it most annoying. The second reason being, there is inflammation present – the body has caused this to occur to fight the infection / injury done by the lodged splinter. It is my understanding that these inflammatory response cells (macrophages and others) rush to the scene and (simply) gobble up the invaders to try to keep you healthy. Once their job is done then I guess they die because they are no longer needed and so become part of what Wiki describes as debris.  

Lessons to be learned with the above analogy include: remove the splinter and wear thick gloves next time I am playing in the wood pile. Yes treat the infection, inflammation, but first find the cause and stop it from happening again.

I know the pseudoscience lesson does not answer the question of what should my cholesterol level be, and I am sorry. But I do not really believe anyone knows that answer factually. The American Heart Association has been messing with your dietary intake of fat for far too many years. They have no real proof that fat is evil and a killer. This page makes fascinating reading; please do take the time to read the timeline and descriptions. 

IF we subscribe to the latest theory that inflammation irritates your artery lining, so the body sends along lipids/fats/cholesterol like a “Mr. Fix-it Band-aid”, we still need to ask and seek the answer to what caused the initial irritation. If we simply accept the inflammatory theory then once again all we will be doing it taking a pill to mask a symptom – because inflammation is merely another symptom – NOT the cause of the problem…. remember that poor sore finger and the pesky splinter? 

The human body makes what level of cholesterol it deems necessary at any particular time. In a healthy individual the amount of cholesterol is kept in check. Yes you eat some in your food, but the majority is made in your liver as required for healthy body function. What is a normal amount for me will be a different amount for you and my Uncle Barney (sarc). I will eat different foods, food groups to that which you consume. I will have different requirements at different times of the day, week, month than you or Barney will have. My body will want “X” amount to do its tasks with, while yours and Barney’s may well require more or less depending on your personal and genetic predisposition. For any pharmaceutical company to lay down a strict percentage factor for every human being on the planet is WRONG and is simply employing a one size fits all mindset and methodology so as to increase their sales quotas.  

You will know if your cholesterol levels are not right… especially if they are too low for you PERSONALLY, there will be some signs and symptoms. Those signs and symptoms are not an illness, but they are good indicators to seek for answers. 

Some Symptoms of Low Cholesterol include – by way of example:

  • Depression and anxiety – There is compelling evidence that shows that low cholesterol levels can be used as a marker to identify depression and anxiety. additionally, after childbirth a woman’s cholesterol drops dramatically. It is now suggested that low cholesterol may be a causative factor in triggering postpartum depression.
  • Mental impairment – Symptoms may include suicidal ideation, increased aggression and propensity to violence, and impaired brain function.
  • Stroke – Although it is well-known that high cholesterol can cause a stroke, it is equally true that excessively low cholesterol can also trigger a stroke.
  • Vitamin D deficiency – Vitamin D is actually formed by exposing cholesterol found in the skin to sunlight. Cholesterol is the basic building block of vitamin D in the human body. Therefore, low levels of cholesterol can lead to vitamin D deficiency. And once you’re deficient in vitamin D, the body’s ability to absorb calcium becomes impaired, something which leads to brittle bones, fractures, and osteoporosis.
  • Cancer – Vitamins A, E, and K are fat-soluble vitamins transported by cholesterol. These powerful antioxidants fight free radicals in the body, and offer protection against cancer. When cholesterol is low, these vitamins also become deficient in the body, entertaining the possibility of an increased risk of cancer.
  • Heart disease – Studies are now showing that women with excessively low levels of cholesterol have a greater risk of mortality from heart disease than women with high cholesterol levels. This suggests that cholesterol should always be in balance for optimal health: never too low and never too high.

The human body is a miraculous piece of machinery. Every single cell and micro organism works in synergy with the others within the system. When one thing is out of whack – remember that darn splinter, it impairs so many other systems. But the body can repair itself too, given the right amount of nutrients and rest.

Now to the details about the wonderful new documentary that has just been released in the UK – $TATIN NATION.

Film Synopsis:

We are told that cholesterol is a major cause of heart disease. At least 40 million people are currently taking cholesterol-lowering medications, known as statins, and millions more people are avoiding foods that contain saturated fat and cholesterol.

The basic idea is that dietary saturated fat raises cholesterol levels, and these two substances somehow clog-up our arteries, causing a heart attack. This idea is often referred to as the diet-heart hypothesis.

However, a numbers of doctors and researchers have been challenging this hypothesis for decades, and the latest heart disease statistics reveal some alarming facts. Such as:

● People with high cholesterol tend to live longer

● People with heart disease tend to have low levels of cholesterol

● Cholesterol-lowering of a population does not reduce the rate of heart disease 

In addition, despite their widespread use, and description as “wonder drugs” statin medications do not extend life for the majority of people who take them.

Cholesterol-lowering has become a huge global industry, generating at least $29 billion each year. Have the facts about heart disease, cholesterol and cholesterol medications been distorted by pharmaceutical companies  and food manufacturers keen to increase their profits?

If the focus on cholesterol has been a mistake, then the greatest cost is associated with the lost opportunity to tackle heart disease. 

Click here to watch this online, it may well save your life.

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