Please Close that Back Door ~~~

In Australia we do not allow direct to consumer advertising of pharmaceutical drugs. It is OK in the USA and I believe also in NZ for the Pharmaceutical Companies to advertise their drugs on television and possibly also in theatres. Australia has thank goodness so far resisted this temptation.

Back in June this year an Adelaide (South Australia) newspaper reminded us that it is not considered in the best interest of either the patient or the doctor for Big Pharmaceutical Companies to blatantly advertise their drugs direct to the public. In Fact it is against the law.

Of course as with all laws made there seem to be backdoors which have been left open, loopholes to be exploited!. That being said attempts are made by the Pharmaceutical Companies to by-pass the legal system and get away with their advertising campaigns.

The current case in point relates to AstraZeneca’s media blitz ( attempting to terrorize patients who have made an informed decision to stop taking the cholesterol lowering medications commonly known as STATINS.

These advertisements are being shown on prime time television and all (?) YouTube’s viewed by Australians currently.

Does the advertisement tell you to take their particular brand of STATINS? No it does not. What it does do is attempt to intimidate and scare patients into asking their doctors IF what they have done, by stopping their anti-cholesterol medication will actually cause them to suffer a heart attack and perhaps die, causing terrible grief to the family who will be left behind. There is strong intimation in the advertisement that STATINS will decrease the amount of plaque in arteries, thereby saving your life!

In actual fact very recently there was a paper published stating quite clearly, and in direct opposition to what this drug company advertisement is intimatingthat STATINS can actually cause plaque and arterial calcification.

AstraZeneca manufacture and distribute in Australia CRESTOR, one of the newer and more potent cholesterol lowering drugs, which has many ugly side effects.

Memory recall issues are known side effects of CRESTOR, but that is not the only problem.

Doc Graveline has a page dedicated to this drug and its side effects. He says:

The release of Crestor, the newest of the statin drugs, was associated almost immediately with a need for a revised package insert because of a rash of adverse drug reports of muscle and renal toxicity. What else could you expect from Astra-Zeneca’s rosuvastatin, promoted as the most powerful of the powerful statin drugs already on the market?

Doc goes on to tell us that this drug is just as bad as the other’s which came before and were just as highly hyped.

I want to see these drug company backdoor ads removed from Australian Television sets and from the YouTube advertisings as well. What they are doing is not legal and we, in Australia decided direct to consumer advertising was not in the best interests of Australian Consumers.

On the Australian Government page for the Department for Health and Aging there is a link where you can contact the Minister and tell them your problem. The current Federal Minister is The Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP who can be contacted at Simply forward this page, or the link to this page with a note from yourself, to the email address provided.

Perhaps you also would care to forward her a copy of this blog, so she can see that I am not the only person who wants to see this Ad Campaign stopped immediately. 

Read Doc’s Page for a list of some of the side effects this drug has caused.

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  1. Something was just brought to my attention, so I will add it here FYI:
    The example I gave of statins hardening arteries (as a surrogate) may not always be considered a great example, so I add this: Statins are not the wonder drug they are made out to be and actually do not save many lives at all: In fact, major studies have come to the same conclusion: statins do not save lives. These include:

    a 2006 study in The Archives of Internal Medicine that looked at seven trials of statin use in nearly 43,000 patients, mostly middle-aged men without heart disease
    a study called PROSPER, published in The Lancet, that studied statin use in people 70 and older
    a review in The Journal of the American Medical Association that looked at 13 studies of nearly 20,000 women, both healthy and with established heart disease
    Some patients do receive significant benefits from taking statins, like Lipitor (from Pfizer), Crestor (AstraZeneca) and Pravachol (Bristol-Myers Squibb).

    In studies of middle-aged men with cardiovascular disease, statin users were less likely to die than those who were given a placebo.

    But many statin users don’t have established heart disease; they simply have high cholesterol numbers. For healthy men, for women with or without heart disease, and for people over 70, there is little evidence, if any, that taking a statin will make a meaningful difference in how long they live.

    Do we really want backdoor TV advertising by drug companies pushing uneducated patients into taking this drugs? Patients deserve the right to KNOW what these drugs do and do not accomplish. What side effects they may cause and if taking them for the entire life span, will aactually save their lives.


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