Is this why you are ill?

Usually I write a diatribe, explaining my position on a particular issue, but this one is self-explanatory and very well portrayed. There are times a well presented documentary is worth the viewing, so I will keep this short.

Belonging to a few groups of individuals with various health concerns, I keep my ears open to the questions being asked.

Sick people have very specific questions pertaining to their illness, such as what caused it? is there a cure/fix? What medications and vitamins/minerals may help me recover faster etc.

The one thing I hear repeatedly pertains to societal factors. Could it be what we eat? What we don’t eat? Remember the saying You Are what You Eat, after all the food gets broken down in you digestive system into its component parts and, hopefully absorbed by your cells.

I read a short magazine article the other day bemoaning the fact that this person who has gluten illness has to read all labels just to stay healthy. (time-consuming she called it!)  She is lucky that gluten is considered a danger in the food supply for some people and is listed on food labels. GMO’s are hidden everywhere…… and are slowly killing us. 

Watch the movie and pass it along please while it is still free to watch. 

Bottom line is we are responsible for what goes into our bodies. Education, self-education that is – is going to benefit you and your family. You have the right to know what is in the food you consume and what, if anything it is going to do to your body. Yes it all comes back town to the mighty $$$ – and if you stop buying their product because of ‘X’ factor etc, they will feel the pinch and change their modus operandi – for the better!



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    Are you on the Genetic Manipulation Round-a-bout? Without even knowing about it you most definitely are – and is this what is making you and those you love ill? Quite possibly.

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