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Guest Post: OPIONION8’D

The “wimpy” Christians of a once great nation are sitting on their backsides and doing nothing to enact their faith. They are not even saying the usual cliché, “I’ll pray about it.” Through their inaction the Christian world community is allowing Satan to install his minions in the public offices.

Wimpy Christian, did you vote? Wimpy Christian, are you even registered to vote? Wimpy Christian, do you like the government that has taken your civil liberties?

Look around you and see what your inaction has done to a once great nation that was founded on God’s principles. Our news media has been corrupted. Government offices are for sale. You can no longer assemble to demonstrate your dissatisfaction and the demonstrations that do occur are not covered by news media. The politicians that you elected through your willful neglect of the electoral system scoff at those demonstrators that…

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