Who would have thought that the Lens of the eye has the highest cholesterol content? and then they give you Statins and then you develop Cateracts – fancy that!

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More and more often we are coming across articles proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that at the cellular level Cholesterol is ESSENTIAL to healthy human life.

Who would have thought that by taking drugs to artificially lower an essential constituent of every cell in the human body –  that it would cause harm? Maybe the question should be rephrased – reverse the logic and ask why they did not figure this out before they poisoned millions of people.

Cholesterol is found in every cell of your body. It is especially abundant in the membranes of these cells, where it helps maintain the integrity of these membranes, and plays a role in facilitating cell signaling– meaning the ability of your cells to communicate with each other so you function as a human, rather than a pile of cells.

If cholesterol is in every cell in the human body then…

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