The Truth is out and some media are reporting it, but the vast majority of Doctors and Health Clinics are still pushing for women to undergo Mammography for detection of breast cancer.

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So the truth is finally out – but I don’t remember seeing the story hitting main stream media headlines here in Australia, or for that matter, notice boards in our local Health Clinic or Doctors Waiting room. The opposite is the reality.

Women are still being urged to have mammograms. This is a typical media example from Tasmania Australia:

Breast Screen Tasmanian today launched a new advertising campaign to encourage women to be screened for breast cancer.  

The new television advertisements, timed to coincide with Mother’s Day on 13 May, will screen for the first time this Sunday and run for two weeks. 

“Screening mammograms are the best way of detecting breast cancer early,” said Gail Ward, the State Manager of Cancer Screening and Control Services in the Department of Health and Human Services.

What is the matter with these people? Do none of them follow what is…

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  1. nikkoh007 says:

    It’s Funny how they still haven’t found a cure for cancer and that the only treatment used today is Chemo. The best preventative medicines towards all cancers are apricot seeds 7 seeds a day but no more than that because they contain cyanide. The best cure for all cancers, in fact all disease, is Dr Robert Becks 4 part Protocol. If you want to blow your mind Look up Dr Robert Beck’s 4 part protocol, I have been experimenting with this for some years know and have always had great results, not with cancers but with other things, I haven’t been able to convince anyone yet to try this instead of Chemo, sadly, they have all died because of the chemo. These devices can be obtained from a Canadian company called Sota. Dr Beck worked closely with this company before he was murdered, probably by the big Pharma’s. You can also build these devices all on your own as Dr Robert Beck released all the schematics for these devices to the world for free. You would need to have some knowledge on electronics though to successfully build them.

    A good video to start with is one called suppressed medical discoveries which you can find on Google movies, it’s a bad quality video but it is of a conference he held back in the early 90’s when he called all the media and fellow doctor’s to tell the world of this discovery. He backed his discovery and claims with proof of clinical trials which he conducted using his own money and funds. These trials where on the Aids virus, the success rate he had back then was a success of 100% success rate, but yet even though he proved his claims without a doubt, People continue to die from the man made aids virus.

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