Is the future of your child the main priority of your life? Why then do you allow the government to give them a highly toxic drug, to lower their IQ?

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Yes you are most probably fed up with all the mail you receive expounding on the dangers of the chemicals they put into your drinking water, just to keep you safe and healthy. Maybe this will be the last you will ever need, because it just may contain the information you require, to take to your local council or water authority, to get answers and a firm timetable for when they will cease and desist completely from deliberately poisoning you and your children.

WATER FLUORIDATION is a topic that you either ignore because you believe the government says it is both necessary and good for your health, or you become incensed about because you know the government is lying and it is poisoning you and your children. I do not believe you can be a fence sitter in this discussion. If you are, then I pray you will learn something…

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