Curiosity, Life Choices and The Power Grid

Those who know me well are aware that I have an interest in what is going on around our Home Planet.

I am a firm believer that we as permanent residents of Earth have a grave responsibility NOT to pollute our home environment. If we pollute it then only we are responsible for any dangers or disaster this may cause. Ergo – don’t pollute period!

I am not a believer that people are wholly and solely responsible for what the Monied Interests call AGW – anthropogenic global warming – climate change or whatever new and idealistic terminology they come up with next. If it were the fault of the species that inhabits Planet Earth, then who are you going to blame for the warming and planetary changes occurring on Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the other heavenly bodies that occupy space in the local area? (AKA Extra-terrestrial warming)

The news media has been full of articles about the terrible droughts and bush fires, loss of crops, floods, landslides, hurricanes and other severe weather that has been appearing – according to them, “unseasonably”. Only last week we were plagued with items frantically telling us that the Polar Ice Caps had melted to an unprecedented percentage – in only four days! That was all that was needed for the Global Warming Clan to shout ‘see we told you so!’…..  Of course they did not bother to tell you that (a) this happens approximately every 150 years, or that (b) it was only a small percentage of the surface ice that was melting – not the entire ice sheet. Neither did they bother to explain that it was caused due to movement in the Jet Stream.  Nope – they prefer the hype rather than the dull and boring facts of the matter.

Now these ‘unprecedented’ weather events that are striking parts of the planet are being blamed for power grids failing in the Eastern US States, placing millions of people in dangerous situations and enforcing blackouts.

Then we learned of 620 Million People in India were recently without power due to such a happening. I heard some commentators postulating drought as the cause. Others are blaming different states being greedy and taking more than their fair share of available power. Of course there is the fact that the power grid might be old and unable to cope any longer with the demands being placed upon it. One commentator even suggested it might be due to global warming.

Funny isn’t it that India was experiencing rain on the days when their power outages occurred. That would mean less electricity being used to keep homes and business cool.

Secondly, why hasn’t it happened before? Certainly this is not the first time that too much power had been drawn from the grid. Indian authorities aren’t saying much, but there is another theory, which was reported by Mr. Matai of the Market Oracle and by Dr. Tony Phillips of Space Weather dot-com.

On July 30th, 2012, Dr. Phillips warned on Space Weather dot-com, that there was an incoming Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). Apparently the sun occasionally ejects particles from the sun spots. Within 8 seconds, the time it takes light to reach Earth from the sun, a solar flare can be seen. However, it takes roughly two to four days for the more-slowly moving particles to hit Earth. Dr. Phillips reported that there was an M-class solar flare on July 28th heading straight for Earth. Furthermore, he predicted that the CME would hit Earth on July 31st, the same day that India experienced its power outage.  Coincidence? I think not.

It has happened before. In 2003, there was a blackout that occurred throughout parts of the Northeastern United States, Midwestern United States, and Ontario, Canada, on Thursday, August 14, just before 4:10 p.m. While some power was restored by 11 p.m., many did not get power back until 8 a.m. the next day. That blackout, which affected 55 million people, was blamed on a CME. At the time, it was the second most widespread blackout in history, after the 1999 Southern Brazil blackout, which was blamed on lightning, and cut off power for 97 million people.

Interestingly, the worst solar storm to affect Earth in recorded history was in 1859. It is known to history as the Solar Super storm or the Carrington Event. It disrupted the world’s infant telecommunications network. According to author Lawrence E. Joseph, if we were to be hit by the same sized CME today, it would completely knock out the electrical power grid for the side of the Earth facing the CME. It would destroy transformers that would take up to 2 years to be replaced. We would be knocked back to a previous age; an age without electricity.

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if such a situation manifested. ATMs wouldn’t work. Banks would go on “holiday” indefinitely. Supermarkets that use scanners would not be able to sell merchandise. People would not be able to use their debit cards or credit cards to make purchases. Gas/petrol stations wouldn’t be able to sell their gasoline. Transportation would come to a halt and phones wouldn’t work. Internet would, of course, become a thing of the past.

In my opinion, people can deal with a lot of things; but when they get hungry, expect some major anarchy to ensue.

What are the chances that we could have a repeat of the Carrington event or something larger? Actually, the chances are pretty good. NASA claims that solar cycle 24 will reach its maximum in 2013, when we could experience the mother of all solar flares. Furthermore, remote viewer, Major Ed Dames says, he has seen it; and he calls it, quite morbidly, “The Kill Shot.”

Now, before you dismiss Ed Dames as some kind of kook, understand that he used to do what he does now for the U.S. Military Intelligence. So, if the U.S. military found value in it, perhaps you should, too. Major Dames doesn’t know when it will hit, but he has seen a major solar flare directed at Earth and he says that it will be devastating.

In this day and age you read of many groups who are preparing to live through, the end of the world as we now know it. Could this encompass living without electricity? I think it well could. Are you prepared if this should happen? What other major things will you need to readjust, simply to survive?

Preppers are people who are prepared, or are learning about being prepared for just such a time as another Carrington Event.

A Prepper is a person who takes Personal Responsibility and Self Reliance seriously.  Preparedness is an important part of life for a serious Prepper.  They follow the Five Principles of Preparedness while they Walk the Path of the Prepper.

A Prepper is a person who earnestly believes that no challenge is insurmountable with the proper dedication, determination and focus.  A Prepper looks at things that most people would think impossible to survive and says “All you really need is X, Y and some Z!  Preppers are very family oriented people who believe that it is more important to sacrifice leisure and entertainment today so that in a future potential calamity, they will be able to sustain a certain standard of living.

While an inordinate amount of commentary and focus is put on so-called “Doomsday” or Apocalyptic preparedness, in reality this is, or should be, a very minor to non-existent concern for Preppers.  Truly, Preppers focus much more on being prepared for things that will more likely be an issue – such as the family bread-winner losing their job, passing away or being incapacitated.  Other primary concerns for Preppers are: death or serious illness/injury to a family member, all-consuming house fire, flooding or other natural and man-made disasters.  Our current economic environment makes the potential impact of some of these things even more likely.  Indeed, the economic stability of their country is of a huge concern to Preppers because of what it would mean for, not just themselves, but the rest of the country if a severe economic crisis were to occur.

There is much to read on this topic if it interests you.

For myself and those closest to me I would rather hope we would be spiritually prepared. We will rely on God for direction and safety. That does not circumvent the necessity of being physically and mentally prepared as well, in a time of unusual stress or disaster.  Pray like your life depends on it – YES it actually does, and God hears and answers the prayers of His Children.

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