Media Balance – Government Style

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Media balance, government style!


It’s on again and if writers like me don’t banner the problem readers will have naught but government propaganda to contemplate.

The despisers of independent thinking, the haters of a free press and the abhorrers of truth in open opinion are wed to this blasted government with a goal to shut down anything the leftists don’t agree with.

Recent rubbish comes from the Australian Press Council (APC) that has again exposed themselves as serial pests in a world where mostly diligent writers ply their craft in good faith. The APC signals that the government and the Green’s Marxist ideology have corrupted democracy. Prima facie evidence is their recent adjudication on a complaint against The Telegraph columnist, Piers Akerman.

The shame of it all would take several columns to detail. Essentially, Sydneysider John Newton didn’t like what Akerman wrote about the idiotic Greens and climate change and so lodged a complaint with the APC. It contained all the usual crap at rabid pitch claiming; misleading the public, bias, “unbalanced” reporting, (remember unbalanced) and Akerman’s references to that august bastion of honesty, the IPCC.

 Thought for the week: The political heart of any government for freedom must have the political will to protect free speech.

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