George Orwell is alive and well

Not too much is being said in the main stream media about the Australian Government’s proposal to intercept, read and store all your personal data off the internet…. let alone demanding access to all of your passwords – refusal of which can incur a prison term.

YOU THINK I JOKE? not about something as serious as this Dear Friend!

I first heard about it with the arrival of an email notification from Australian Taxpayer’s Alliance. They asked me the following questions:

Do you trust the Gillard Government to know all your internet passwords?

Do you think they should know every website you have visited? 

Do you want them to read every email you send, monitor every Facebook post you have made, and record every Tweet you sent?

And do you want them to store all your private online data for two years?

Naturally my answer is NO WAY. But I needed to know more about this draconian personal infringement on my privacy which is being proposed, and what I could do to prevent it from happening. We do not live in a Communist Country, Australia is NOT North Korea or China, and the last I heard the Wall in Europe had come down and freedom with responsibilities was there for one and all. This proposal takes us back to the times of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. We will be afraid of every knock at our front door. This stinks of Julia Gillard’s roots in the Communist Party of Australia. Welcome to 1984!

The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence & Security is set to approve one of the most draconian and invasive online surveillance regimes anywhere in the world: these are powers dictators could only dream of! If passed, they will have access to everything you have done online.

A few minutes after reading the mail from the Australian Taxpayer’s Alliance I came across another coverage of this story over at CRIKEY (see below). I have a personal thought on this, in that the Government is afraid of the freedoms the internet has afforded the general population.

Minute by minute, ordinary people can now access a wide range of information (lets leave the ugliness of war and weapons out of this discussion) and think of things such as medical advice, food and nutrition. Then there are blogs and website where we can discuss or find out about the side effects of drugs and procedures which once were, the sole sacred territory of the medical establishment. Loss of power to the medical establishment and more power to the people to make informed choices.

People are able to speak openly and without fear, (well they will be until these Orwellian changes are put into effect) about their political affiliations. They can learn minute by minute in some circumstances, about current and past dealings of high-profile individuals.

Almost instantaneously, people can organize insurrections, demonstrations, sit ins and protests when they discover anything of great importance they disagree with.

If for example a person witnesses an incident of brutality, it is up and circulating immediately via the social media – and this is what scares them – they no longer are in total control of what is revealed and what is withheld from public view.

But this is not what they will use for their excuse to take us back to the dark ages. The fear of terrorism is their ammunition in all of this. Tell me why this is not the LEAD story in the media right now – this is a total infringement of our constitutional freedoms.

A quick reprise of the proposals: the government wants to undertake some sensible housekeeping amendments relating to ASIO, the establishing legislation for which is showing some definite whiskers. But the government has also put on the table, for consideration, proposals including:

  • keeping all Australians’ telecommunications and internet data for 2 years;
  • wiretapping Twitter, Facebook and other social media;
  • allowing ASIO to plant material on people’s computers, and destroy material, and go through a third party’s computer to do so;
  • criminalise refusing to cooperate with government decryption attempts, so you could go to gaol for refusing to surrender your password;
  • freeing up ASIO agents to break the law if it helps them stay undercover; and
  • enabling non-ASIO intelligence agencies to work with ASIO to spy on Australians.

News Ltd’s papers, apart from recycling a single AAP piece today, have said nothing, a failure that is thoroughly perplexing. Here is a Labor government proposing draconian extensions to surveillance powers. What better opportunity for the bastion of “campaigning journalism” that loves nothing more than monstering Labor? There isn’t even a need to confect a target for a campaign, as News Ltd did with the BER program And yet… silence. It’s all the more bizarre given the company is in the throes of a furious campaign against the alleged threat of government regulation to freedom of speech.

If News Ltd and its dimwit spear-carriers like Janet Albrechtsen are to be believed, the proposals arising from the Convergence Review and the Finkelstein Inquiry are only one step short of Soviet re-education camps. Yet Labor wheels out a real threat to free speech far more sinister than a mere public interest test — our intelligence agencies, after all, have a sterling record of spying on journalists — and… nothing. How about the institute of Public Affairs, who can normally be relied on to stand up free speech and attack regulatory overreach… or for that matter regulatory reach full stop? Not a squeak.

Make no mistake: if this passes, our privacy is dead.

I am genuinely scared as to what might happen to us if this passes. 50 years ago the Labor Party tried to use ASIO to silence critics at the Institute of Public Affairs. Do we really want to give the government the power to do the same thing today? 
But it’s not too late. We can stop this from taking place.

The Committee is calling for public submissions before August 6th. If enough Australians contact them and say NO – we will stop this.

We have just created as an online campaign portal against this outrageous proposal

From this website, you will be able to contact your local MP, members of the Joint Committee, and send a formal submission directly. There is no need for you to lookup names or emails, it’s all pre-programmed. All you need to do is input your details, change the draft text around (we can’t have everyone saying the same thing!), and hit send!

Will you do you bit to protect our freedoms?

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  1. Nancy says:

    George O. is certainly alive and well, and I reckon he’s getting more ‘aliver’ and ‘weller’ as days go by with the complicit silence of the MSM.

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    An excercise in advocacy! Acting against this insidious government movement which interferes with the public’s privacy and civil liberties.

  3. Sandra says:

    The rusty iron curtain descends! Anyone remember how to make invisible ink?

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