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Did you know that – You can stop eating cholesterol for the rest of your life and still have high levels. How can this be? For starters, all of your cells can create cholesterol. This is good because every cell in your body needs it to form protective membranes. Your body actually monitors your cells, and if it senses that a cell doesn’t have enough cholesterol, it will produce more. Cholesterol also is an essential building block for naturally produced vitamin D and other good stuff, like estrogen and testosterone. But even though every cell can make its own cholesterol, some cells need extra help with their supply. This is where your liver comes in.
Your body, mainly your liver, produces 75 percent of your cholesterol; your small intestine also aids in both the creation and absorption of cholesterol. You NEED this stuff so that you can live!

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Statinsare a class of drugs used indiscriminately by the medical profession to lower blood cholesterol numbers in patients of just about every age and ethnicity, and have an extremely large number of  known side effects.The University of California – San Diego, has a website which lists many of them.

There are many articles availablethat will show you that these drugs do not actually save lives from what is technically termed All Cause Mortality.

……. statins have essentially failed to deliver. There are no statin trials with even the slightest hint of a mortality benefit in women, and women should be told so. Likewise, evidence in patients over 70 years old shows no mortality benefit of statin therapy: in the PROSPER trial there were 28 fewer deaths from coronary artery disease in patients who received pravastatin versus placebo, offset by 24 more cancer deaths.


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