More Green Manure

A NEW tax on glass and plastic drink containers could push up an average family’s grocery bills by more than $300.

The Greens are heavily lobbying for the container deposit scheme to be introduced nationwide and the federal government supports it.

The scheme could cost some families up to $470 a year more as the new charge pushes up prices on drinks containers by 20c – with industry experts saying it could mean paying $4 more for a case of beer. Source: 

Well Julia Gillard PM of Australia promised us the Carbon Dioxide Tax would not even be noticed by most families because she was reimbursing most of us to cover the costs. I find that a highly improbable argument, but you are not allowed to argue with her. Julia also believes most people are daft and dumb and will have forgotten all the ‘noise’ about this forced tax by the next election. She really does think we have little between our ears, especially as she attempts to heap more and more taxes on us at every turn of the page.

Even a cursory look at the picture / diagram will show just how ‘thick’ Julia and her cronies really are. After all, can anyone explain to me why milk will be taxed at all….. Geesh sorry, the container the white cow arrives in……. must everything come now in cardboard which is coated with chemicals to stop it being porous? I thought it was important for children to consume milk? And that bone health depended on calcium available in milk? Oh I see…. tax the health out from under us!

This Government loves heaping on the taxes – and at the insistence of the Greens too! Wonder what will come next to help Wayne bring the budget back to surplus? Never mind the fact they are taxing families into poverty.

Personally I think the only good thing would be for the Labor Party to cut the Green umbilical cord altogether. Not that I believe that in doing so it will turn the voters around. It will take many years for that to happen.

Bury the Greens – they would make excellent political manure…… we would do well to rename them The Compost Party!


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