Christmas Island Cauliflowers

I recently came across an article bemoaning the cost of dealing with all the Boat People – Asylum Seekers being housed and processed on Christmas Island. I am not certain of the numbers currently residing (being held) there, but do know that so far this year (2012)

A total of 71 boats have arrived in 2012 carrying 1834 people. A monthly record of 1781 people arrived on 70 boats in June alone. And on the first day of the new month another 53 uninvited non-citizens turned up. The next day 67 who landed on the Cocos Islands from Sri Lanka were flown to Christmas Island detention centre.

The group waved to the cameras and shook hands with immigration staff. Christmas Island is so full some new arrivals are being flown to Darwin.

I know that Australia does what it can for refugees fleeing horrific circumstances, and that we have a quota as do many other nations. But I believe the time has come to say ‘enough’ to those who are being smuggled into Australia, bypassing the normal channels and Queue Jumping!

We are saddened that many have drowned attempting to make this dangerous sea journey in boats that must definitely not be seaworthy. The media and certain sides of politics are blaming these deaths on the Australian politicians – as they have been unable to come to a working consensus of how best to deal with this great influx of uninvited people.

Tony Windsor (Ind) said: asylum seekers were ‘‘dying because pragmatism is overriding a compromise that would reduce the number of people getting on boats in the first place’’. “The boats are not safe – they are not cruise liners with life rafts and they are overcrowded,” he said.

I am saddened that people are dying, but I do not believe it is the Politicians who ought to be held responsible for this, after all they were not the ones who sold the tickets, took the money, persuaded refugees to ‘get on board the cruise of a life time’ as it were! Who knows for sure but I have to wonder if some of these – what I term as “people smugglers”, did not deliberately trash the overcrowded boats themselves once they were close enough to Australian waters, so that they could not be sent back from whence they came.

Politicians being blamed by others or blaming each other is a load of “Crocodial Crud” as far as I am concerned.

All that aside and returning to my initial comments about the article I had been reading. Part of that article was bemoaning the cost of sending food to Christmas Island to nourish those in waiting! The cost of guarding them and providing basic medical care is also discussed.

What truly stood out was the estimated cost of  Cauliflower and a Bok Choy:

Food for example has to be sent thousands of kilometres by boat or air in bad weather.  Cauliflowers at $14.65 and Bok Choy for $15.85 each are two examples of food prices which make the detention of people on Christmas Island a threat to any budget.

I had to scratch my head and risk a few mental splinters wondering why on earth – would you fly in Cauliflower or Bok Choy in the first place. Isn’t Christmas Island a tropical Paradise? Surely they could grow other suitable foods on the Island itself?

In fact I cannot see why the temporary residents being house at our taxpayer expense could not use their leisure time – they have plenty of that, being taught how to farm and grow a percentage of their own food and staples, while they were learning to speak English, which will be their native language should they be accepted into Australia. 

Do these people want to integrate into Australian society? If not send them back to where they came from.

It is my understanding they are attempting to flee from terrible circumstances (a) This would be a great Adult Educational Opportunity and (b) it would assist to help manage the budget for the uninvited visitors.

Is this an opportunity that has not been explored yet – I wonder?


Christmas Island and Cauliflowers
don’t seem to go together
at all naturally.

 Or am I missing something?



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