Has any Politician Answered The Question Yet?

How much cooler will Australia be
once the Carbon Dioxide
Tax hits the Nation tomorrow?

It is a fair question and one that I cannot seem to find an answer to.

The Government’s Clean Energy Future Website states:

As a hot and dry continent, Australia has more to lose from climate change than all other developed countries. There are significant risks to our environment and our economy.

This is what they would have you believe will be happening – so what is different from the last 200,000 years? Has no one read Dorothea Mackellar’s Poem recently?

Janet Albrechtsen has a similar thought in mind (to my own) when she says:

The government informs us, more than once, that the carbon tax will “cut 160 million tonnes of pollution from the atmosphere each year”. But not once does the government inform us by how much the carbon tax will reduce global temperatures. The reason for the silence is simple. The carbon tax will make no difference to global temperatures. And that explains why the debate about a carbon tax is far from over. The government, the Greens, climate change scientists and propagandists may wish it otherwise, but there is plenty left to say about a carbon tax and global warming.

While looking around to see if anyone could predict by HOW MUCH temperatures will lower …..This popped up:

Australia’s total annual emissions (2008) are 399,219,000 metric tonnes of CO2 pa. This is 1.32% of global emissions.

China’s emissions (2008) are 7,031,916,000 metric tonnes of CO2 pa. This is 23.33% of global emissions.

China’s emissions are growing at 780,000,000 metric tonnes of CO2 per year.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cou…

Australia’s current commitment to CO2 emission reductions is…

“The Australian Government retains its previous policy commitment to unconditionally reduce Australia’s emissions by 5 per cent on 2000 levels by 2020”  http://www.unep.org/climatepledges/Defau…

That would be an annual reduction of approx 20,000,000 metric tonnes of CO2.

China’s emissions of CO2 are growing at approx 2,140,000 metric tonnes PER DAY

If Australia achieved its entire target reduction immediately it would prevent the total global emissions of CO2 rising for 9.3 days.

How much will the earth’s temperature drop?
It will make no difference whatsoever.

The Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has more or less shrugged her shoulders, and told the nation“You won’t even notice the Carbon Tax.” She seems convinced that the average person will simply get used to it and move on!

“People will wake up tomorrow around the country and they will go about their normal Sunday doing what they do – catching up with family and friends, watching a bit of sport on TV, many people having to go to work,” she told reporters in Melbourne on Saturday.

“People will go about their ordinary, everyday business but they will be in a position tomorrow to judge for themselves the claims that have been made to see what carbon pricing really does mean.”

Ms. Gillard seems unconcerned about the flow on effect of her new tax and how it will hurt the ‘little people’, the consumers, the small businesses and every other Tom Dick and Mary who will be affected by this unconstitutional – unwanted and unelected Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme.

This is probably why she and the Canberra Cronies have taken a six
week break….  winter holiday? and they hope we will have become
so used to the new Carbon Taxation Scheme by the time they
return – we will say nothing about it – having taken it all
in our stride and pocket books! Geesh she must
think we are a load of drongo’s
with a very limited IQ!

This reminds me of the time one of Julia Gillards Cabinet Ministers
referred to the No Carbon Tax Convoy as being of
NO CONSEQUENCE. Seems Ms. Gillard
is treating the voters the same way!

When the electricity bills begin arriving, the land and water rates too – all showing a large increase, due to this Tax, does she really believe the electorate will not judge her and her politician cronies in Canberra – responsible? When the food bills increase, when it costs more to have a motor vehicle serviced, or take a train, bus or ferry ride, does she also think the people will be immune to these rising costs?

Does she truly believe she is saving Australia’s future and leading the rest of the world (by the nose no doubt) to follow suit – all to cool the planet and save us from ourselves?

There is no scientific consensus, there are only government scientists doing what they believe their paymasters want of them. They do this in an effort to secure future funding and job security.

If tomorrow Ms. Gillard were to come out and make it known that we are entering a new ice age and we need to find new ways of growing food to feed the continent during this crisis situation – you can bet your bottom dollar there would be a quick shift in scientific priorities – to gain funding etc. As always with these things, follow the dollar!

I only hope that people stay alert to what this Prime Minister and her Canberra cronies have done to Our Nation – come the next election oust them soundly and ensure that the newly elected whoever…… does away with the Carbon Tax and any proposed Emissions Trading Scheme.

All this nonsensical fear mongering must stop. Temperatures will not climb or lower if we tax the entire nation.

End of horror story!

 Worth your time to visit here and support a NO Carbon Tax for Australia.

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  1. Frances says:

    I think it is just amazing how quickly the Carbon Tax has worked, it is already colder and the Carbon Tax hasn’t even come into effect yet. I guess Julia Gillard really knows how to scare off hot weather. Well done Julia! Congratulations on being able to cool the weather down in Australia so fast. Now perhaps if some of that hot air coming from your Cabinet could be refrigerated we could have even colder weather. ;P

  2. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Of course it will make no difference to the global temperature. They know that, so they are introducing the tax for another (other) reason (s).
    Julia suggests we won’t notice the tax effect on our normal life styles. Yet there is a certain amount of compensation given to the public. The likelihood of the compensation being fair and equitable is as likely to come true as most of Julia’s other promises have (not).

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