GOD PARTICLE still being sought… when will they ever learn?

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I guess when you are wandering in the desert around Horeb tending your Father – in- law’s flocks and you suddenly hear a voice speaking to you from a bush – which appears to be burning, but is not being consumed by the flames, you would do one of three things… well I would!

(a)  I’d look for a fire hydrant – nope can’t see one!

(b)  I’d run off in another direction and hide – that is a distinct possibility – or

(c)  I’d take a closer look and see if I could figure out what was really going on.

 Moses took the third option and the rest – as they say is history! But Moses was also an inquisitive kind of fellow and he wanted to make certain that he could relate the entire story correctly, when asked about it by his fellow Israelites.

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