When The Fox Guards the Hen House

When the Fox Guards the Hen House you can usually figure out what will be on the menu!

It’s a silly and rhetorical question, but what the dickens can you expect when you give the Fox permission to guard the Hen House?

Surely this is what happened when a Drug Company such as CSL produces its own vaccines, tests its own vaccines, sells its own vaccines and ‘investigates’ its own vaccines… particularly when said vaccine has hurt innumerable babies and little children.

The preliminary conclusions of a two-year investigation by the
company found that five to seven children in every thousand
vaccinated suffered febrile convulsions.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration says these reactions in children under the age of five years can result in brain damage or even death.

However, CSL medical director Dr Alan Paul says it was an “unexpected event”.

Geesh, excuse me, but I am terribly sorry we had absolutely no idea that our drug which was approved by the TGA for use on babies and little children could cause devastation, harm and even death to your babies! We made, it, we tested it, we supplied it, and we have now retested it to see if we can figure out why it did – what it did.

Surely there is an enormous conflict of interest here?

CSL says they had no way of knowing their vaccine would cause any problems. Surely if the vaccine had been properly tested using acknowledged gold-standard scientific methods such as RCTs, ( A randomized controlled trial) predicting would not have been a problem. It would have been known about before Saba Button became brain-damaged; before Ashley Jade Epapara was killed and before the hundreds of other children were injured. Where is the government’s duty of care?

The preliminary results of CSL’s two-year investigation conclude that its manufacturing methods may have failed to fully split the viruses used to make flu vaccines.

As a result, gene fragments and lipids from “inactivated virus” — as well as “residual whole virus or clusters of both” — may have created higher levels of immune-stimulating hormones, known as cytokines.

“CSL’s method of manufacture preserves more short gene fragments and lipids from the virus than other manufacturers,” the company stated.

The process, combined with the three new strains of seasonal and swine flu virus selected to make the 2010 version of Fluvax, “elicited an excessive immune response in some young children, triggering increased fever and fever-related convulsions”.

“While influenza vaccines must contain virus components to stimulate sufficient protection against influenza, it appears that components of the inactivated virus retained in Fluvax in 2010 overstimulated the developing immune systems of some young children,” CSL said.

The company’s vice-president of medical and research, Darryl Maher, said CSL would not change its manufacturing methods until the scientific investigation was complete. “I’m sure we will be,” he said. “There is just a bit more work to do.”

Dr Maher said CSL had been using the same vaccine production processes for 25 years and “it stood us in good stead up until 2010”.

Asked if CSL would compensate children who suffered severe side effects from Fluvax, Dr Maher said he could not comment on individual cases. “I know some of them were very unfortunate and quite tragic,” he said.

“I think we accept that Fluvax has been a contributory cause of these reactions; I don’t think there is any doubt about that.

“But what happened in 2010 couldn’t have been predicted; it was quite unexpected. There was nothing we could have done to avoid it.”

It is important to note: CSL medical director Dr Alan Paul says it was an “unexpected event”. “Certainly this is a higher rate than what we expected from what we had seen in previous clinical data,” he said.

“Ultimately, those reactions that were seen in 2010 were higher than the background rate which would be expected.

So one is left contemplating from the above paragraphs that CSL had seen in (background rates?) that some children would suffer febrile convulsions as a side effect of the new vaccination, they were just not prepared for the actual number who did.

CSL also states they have no knowledge of the actual number who did suffer adverse effects….. Do they really care?

The Australian revealed last October that in 2005, a three-year-old child suffered a fit and became “non-responsive” for up to seven minutes after being injected with CSL’s flu vaccine during a clinical trial supervised by the federal government’s top immunisation adviser, Terry Nolan.

A second child involved in the trial of 298 children had to be admitted to hospital for rehydration
after high fever and vomiting.

The Federal Health Department yesterday said it was “applying close oversight” to CSL’s manufacturing operations. “These findings justify the government’s policy to keep the current ban on the use of this vaccine in young children in place.”

I don’t know about you but I find it abhorrent that any parent would
allow their baby to be used like a guinea pig in a drugs trial!

Sources include The Australian; ABC News


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    Only Children and grandchildren of company employees ought to be allowed to take part in drug trials… especially those of the CEO and other higher ranks. Fancy using babies in drug trils this is disgusting.

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