Never a truer word spoken!

Like many bloggers, I subscribe to like-minded blogs in the wide world of the Internet. I also must admit to enjoying science fiction books and movies, and have done for many many years.

When I received my daily dose from Menzies House today – I almost fell out of my intergalactic plane!

 There’s Life Jim but not as we know it

For those who are still scratching their heads over what Bob Brown said about life in the universe etc., please click HERE and see if you can understand why most of us believe this guy is bonkers!

Now ask yourself if you will vote for this nutter and HIS GREENIE Cohort at the next election? I feel sorry for the people of Tasmania, who have been sadly misled by this once ‘normal’ carer of the environment. He has sadly lost far too many of his space marbles me thinks.

My deepest thanks to all at Menzies House for the best laugh I have had all year!

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  1. Merilyn says:

    Now he is gone, [thank goodness] but we are left with another impossible Green Leader in Christine Milne, and take a hard look at the rubble behind her. Yikes.

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