Money Makes the World Go Round – so thinketh Julia!

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia, is about to print off more money and hand it out to the people of Australia, in an attempt to convince them she is a Goodie Goodie and some kind of a Fairy Godmother!


Does she really believe we are so dead in the head that we cannot see what she is up to?

I think it is fair to say, by now the voting public realizes if she gives with one hand, she will take back double with the other one. This lady and her cabinet cohort are not to be trusted!

Australia’s National Debt at the time of writing this blog stands at

$149.701, 215,000.00 (DEBT CLOCK)

That is a BIG number in anyone’s reckoning. Take a look now and see how much it has grown by since 7:25 pm April 10th 2012. Just where do you think they (our Government) is going to get the money to pay for this? Then add-on the amount they are going to give to the Nation to assist with the corrupt Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme. Does Wayne Swan have a money tree in his courtyard in Canberra, or will he simply increase our National Debt, which ultimately means you and I, our children and their children’s children ad infinitum will have to pay it all back. Nothing is for free!

Over the weekend the Gillard led Labor government announced the far smaller and more complicated carbon tax compensation that some people will receive:

CASH bonuses of up to $100 per child for families and $250 for pensioners will be deposited in voters’ bank accounts within weeks as the Gillard Government fights a public backlash over the carbon tax….

The lump sum bonus payments will be rolled out from May, ahead of the introduction of the carbon tax and on top of a $300-a-year tax cut for six million Australians earning $80,000 a year or less.

One million workers will no longer have to pay tax or lodge a tax return under a tripling of the tax- free threshold to apply from July 1.

Part-time workers, students, mothers in casual work and retirees will benefit from the decision to lift the tax-free threshold from $6000 to $18,000…..

Families already securing payments under Family Tax Benefit A will be paid cash bonuses to compensate for the impact of the carbon tax from May 16 to May 29. There will be a small increase in fortnightly payments to follow.

Single-income families securing payments under Family Tax Benefit B will get up to $69 extra and up to $300 in additional supplement.

Pensioners can expect to see their $250 Clean Energy Advance arrive from May 28 to June 8.

Self-funded retirees who have a Commonwealth seniors health care card will get $250 cash bonus from next month or $190 for each member of a couple.

Students securing Austudy payments will secure payments over the period June 11 to June 22…..

Source: The Mercury | 8/April/2012

This is nothing short of an attempt at pure bribery to try to turn voters around to liking the Australian Labor Party. They are at their lowest ebb and no doubt can finally see the writing on the wall. The next Federal Election is not that far away, although many wish it could be sooner! Labor has dug its own grave. The alliance with the Greens, the buying off of Independents, and the blatant lies about the Carbon Dioxide Tax will all, undoubtedly hammer the nails into their coffin.

Julia and Wayne obviously think we are all dumb, stupid or both. Every single item of anything that is transported into a store will increase in cost. Electricity costs will soar as will water and sewerage costs. So food becomes more expensive, clothing becomes more expensive, the cost of managing a home becomes more expensive. Petrol prices will go up. Drugs in pharmacies will increase in costs. And they think they can lie to us and then buy us all off with a measly amount of money which will not even cover the increases we will all experience. We don’t want your hand out Julia we just want NO Carbon Tax period!

If you live on an Island in Bass Strait for example, the vast majority of goods are brought in via boat or air. All transportation costs are going to rise, ergo so will the cost of the goods being transported. Will Ms. Gillard be giving Tasmanians and other Islanders a special allowance to help cover those additional costs?

Julia Gillard you are a compulsive liar. You and the party you represent, who are supposed to be the representatives of the people of Australia, are about to bury yourselves in rather deep excrement for the next ten or so years. The only way you could possibly save face and the Labor Parties reputation would be to rescind this Carbon Taxation scheme immediately and apologize to the people of Australia.  

I believe you would still struggle to gain acceptance by the majority of Australian voters, but at least you would be granted a possible ‘pardon’ in history, for what will undoubtedly go down in the pages as ‘Gillard’s Foley’

And don’t forget folks that the Federal Budget will be announced shortly,
and Wayne baby has promised us, no matter how he has to do it, it will come back in the black. So what they giveth with one hand, no doubt they will taketh away with the other!

The Love of Money is the root of all evil Julia…….. Repent and be saved!

As a final thought: Julia and her Greens Cohort are still pushing the myth, the Carbon Tax is to help clean up the planet. But she has neglected to tell you that it is not only our Home Planet Earth that has been having weird weather. The other planets in our solar system are experiencing the same things. So tell us how Julia, your tax is going to help the entire solar system? It will do nothing to help Planet earth, it will of course help fill the depleted coffers in Canberra. 



It has taken the media  five years to report that in 2007 NASA confirmed that the same Solar Cycle 24 solar flares that began in 1994 and is behind “global warming” on Earth, has raised temperatures on Venus from 470 degrees to 517 degrees, and has been melting the carbon dioxide ice caps on Mars.  Many of the world’s best climate scientists and astro-physicists have been to intimidated to argue with the global warming advocates since the IPCC, which is the UN’s global authority on climate change, has announced the debate is settled.  The debate is settled because the climate change industry is now the largest employer in the world excluding the governments themselves; and if man-made global warming is debunked there will be catastrophic unemployment for those conning the world into believe we are the culprits behind global warming. 


In this piece you will find the conclusive evidence that global warming (and cooling) is caused solely and exclusively by the solar activity of our sun.  If you never read it, after you read this piece, please read a piece I wrote in 2008: And, please, pass this around to everyone on your list, and ask them to do the same. 




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  1. davebrown9 says:

    Pretty much the whole world is in financial difficulty thanks to the government’s dietary advice,(1) the proliferation of industrial food,(2) and the concurrent increase in non-communicable disease(3). Fortunately, there are those who are speaking out against the insanity(4).


    • Thanks for sharing the links …. I agree the food situation is getting critical, but it is only one of many areas where the public are being misled. I have written extensively at my Health Blog on similar topics.

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