Election Now – None of this who is on my side stuff

They Lie, cheat, swear and put on happy faces for the general public, who they have no respect for.
They spend their days coming up with schemes which will boost their egos and yet totally ignore what the voting public is saying.

This fiasco planned for Monday in Canberra will not solve the underlying problem that the ALP is a house divided – which as we are told (a house divided) will fall – only question is how soon? Oh please may it be quickly.

Gillard stabbed Rudd in the back – with support and backing from (the sour grapes) faceless men’. KRudd wants the top job back and claims the voters put him in there in the first place. We know that the ALP Caucus (team) put him in that position and they are the ones who removed him from it. Now all their dirty linen is being washed in public.

Kevin was not a team player. Kevin was difficult to get along with. Kevin did this and Kevin did that, and on and on it goes. What even the media is failing to discuss is just how Julia ended up as Prime Minister, by doing back room deals with The Greens and The Independents – otherwise she would never have had the numbers to wear the Prime Ministerial Hat and get us into this mess we now find ourselves in. I believe ‘laughing stock’ is the word being bandied about by our European allies, especially with regards to the unwanted (by the electorate) Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme.

Exactly what would change should Kevin R actually manage to oust JG come Monday? Not an awful lot – other than we would have a Married Couple back in the Lodge (that has to be a plus surely) and Kevin’s smiling face would be all over our media once again (not so sure I want to see that!).

When people listen to politician telling campaign fairy tales about what they will and will not do, should we vote for them, the least we can hope for is they will follow through with election promises. Labor has managed to lie to just about every voter. Julia bragged about all the positives she has in place since she became PM. I think she seriously needs to see a shrink!

From the Cessnock Conference: My comments/questions in Parentheses

We’ve put a price on carbon and we’ve seized a clean energy future. (But Prime Minister the electorate said NO to your Carbon Tax, and was appalled at your bare-faced lies – they requested an election – which you have ignored)

We’ve secured an historic health agreement with every state and territory, up and running right now, delivering real benefits today. (Maybe she should come down to Tasmania and take a ticket – wait in the line for elective surgery.)

We’ve secured the structural separation of Telstra, and we’ve begun the roll-out of the National Broadband Network to bring jobs and opportunities and better services to the regions where you live, no matter where Australians live. (Yet another fiasco Prime Minister!)

We are rolling out reforms to education, reforms that I designed and we are adding to them. (Yes – here we have another fiasco like the home insulation one.)

We’ve ensured too that the lowest paid workers in this country see rising living standards and they will pay less tax. (Is that before or after your Carbon Dioxide Tax Prime Minister?)

I was very proud to join some of the 150,000 social and community services workers who will see more recognition and reward for their incredible hard work, because of this Labor Government. (Does that number take into account the voluntary redundancies and job losses in the public sector Prime Minister? Come to Tasmania Prime Minister and talk about job losses.)

To get the budget back to surplus in 2012-13 and at a time when we have kept creating jobs so we can now proudly say to each other, there are more Australians in work today than ever before under this Labor Government. (Why then are there so many young unemployed people in the waiting line at Centre Link Prime Minister?) Can you explain Australia’s National Debt please Prime Minister.

We have the plans for the future, the plans for education (Do those plans include brain washing our children in the school education system about the NON problem of Climate Change Prime Minister?)

As I said before nothing much will change while the ALP/Greens see themselves as our saviors, whilst ignoring the ordinary everyday wishes, hopes, dreams and desires of the inconsequential voters of Australia. 

We Want an ELECTION NOW Please.

Australia tell your representatives this has to stop now.

We have had enough.  

 We do live IN HOPE!

If an election were called now who would you vote for? 

The two candidates, what a difference. 

Tony Abbott
Volunteer FirefighterVolunteer Lifesaver

Volunteer Aboriginal community teacher

Economics degree

Ex journalist

3 children with home mortgage

Catholic faith

Successful Health Minister

Supported his PM

His Government left 20 Billion surpluses

Has always belonged to the Liberal party

Needs Liberal votes to win

Rhodes Scholar

Lets look at the difference between the two candidates and what a stark contrast between the two.
Julia Gillard   No community volunteering everNo community volunteering ever

No community volunteering ever

No economics degree

Ex lawyer

No children no mortgage


Education Minister for the B.E.R rorting

Knifed her PM

Her government left 90 Billion Debt

Documented Links to the Communist party

Needs Green preference to win
(independents to hold power)

Fabian socialist society


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