Yawn, yawn, yawn. The Gorical is at it again

I can feel a big yawn coming on!

Al Gore and Richard Branson continued their fact-finding mission to Antarctica yesterday by visiting the Weddell Sea. The pair are on the frozen continent to witness first-hand the effects of climate change, with Gore comparing what he finds with what he saw when he last visited Antarctica 22 years ago.

No doubt in the next few weeks we will see stuff popping up all over the internet spouting tales of diminishing ice sheets, smaller penguin colonies, huge cracks appearing in thinning ice sheets, crabs doing the wrong thing and endangering other species and generally global doom and gloom due to Carbon Dioxide pollution caused by you and I. One other thing we may hear from Al and Richard is the lack of Polar Bears visible on the ice sheets! (sic)

Let us hope that readers such as you and I are more focused on facts rather than fairytales, and paying attention to the high-resolution surface mass balance map of Antarctica showing “no significant trend in the 1979–2010 ice sheet”. (WUWT)

Al is still on his ‘must make money’ bandwagon. Apart from the fact that a huge amount of carbon was used in making this trip – the entire expedition was nothing more than a photo opportunity for Al and his buddies to play games on the ice and gain a little media attention, so that people won’t forget who he is. Most people have forgotten by now that he was even in politics, let alone the inventor of the internet!

As the world warms, its waters are warming, too. Increased temperatures have already led to changes in ocean life.

 Guess while they were out playing at building snowmen on the Southern Continent, they were not receiving the news of hundreds and hundreds of people dying from winter storms across Europe. Actually last count I remember the number had exceeded 600. There must have been a media blackout where Al Baby was! You see weather has, is and will be – always changeable, and somewhat unpredictable, but there is no money in that fact. You cannot terrorize people with what is ‘normal and changeable’…..  You have to give it a different name, so you can blame….. Now it is the blame game baby and you can see the dollars rolling in. 

Let’s not forget they even took their own ‘lame/tame scientist’ Jim Hansen, along on this play holiday with them. After all they only want to hear what they want to hear…… 

‘We cannot continue to burn all the coal, oil from the tar sands without pushing the planet out of control. It’s time to stop subsidizing fossil fuels. The quickest way of solving the problem is to tax all fossil fuels and distribute the taxes back to every man and woman in the country. Within 10 years we’d have a 30% reduction in fuel use and begin to get on top of this most worrying of problems.’” 

Told ya it’s all about money!  YAWN yawn yawn……… 

BTW are we so sure oil is a fossil fuel? Say Abiotic” anyone?


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