Squashed Flat and Irradiated for no good reason ~~~

Squashed Flat and Irradiated for no good reason ~~~
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Obviously some women enjoy pain, otherwise why would they allow themselves to be subjected to an annual mammography scan?

Time after time we have been advised that this type of screening is of no health benefit to us, and yet because the government lackeys advertise it as a benefit to detect early breast cancer, we go forward blindly and allow ourselves to be subjected to it.

They tell us the radiation risk is low.

They tell us early detection will save lives.

They fail to tell us that reputable organizations say quite the opposite!

Now don’t get me wrong I know of several women who had early breast cancer detected, had the mastectomy and are living full and fruitful lives today. Two are particularly close friends of mine.

I know of others who were told something suspicious showed up on the scan. They underwent further stress filled tests and were…

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