Are They Trying to Bump More of us Off? One Would Think So!

Now please don’t read this as some conspiracy theory – coz it is not intended that way at all.

It is simply that I have been learning about the facts, figures and funerals – well the statistics of these over in the UK currently. There is a definite strong association. The numbers do show that a rather large number of people are dying over there, because they cannot afford to keep themselves and their homes warm during the wickedly cold winter months.

And bless their little hearts (NOT) the government in its wisdom is reducing the allowance which is usually paid – as in assistance to help these poor folks keep their homes even slightly warm. One would think they are attempting to cull the population and thereby reduce the amount they have to payout in pensions and allowances! That sure is one way to help reduce the deficit!

The UK newspaper article is very depressing, but what is also becoming obvious is that similar things could well be planned for Australia.

Cold weather contributed toward nearly 26,000 deaths last winter, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), despite Britain remaining one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

About 200 more Britons will die each day during the next four months than the daily toll during the rest of the year. Women are 28pc more likely than men to fall victim to what the ONS calls “excess winter mortality”, largely because they account for a bigger proportion of older people.

“Nine people per hour died because of the cold last winter, according to official figures, and it is likely to be worse this winter because fuel bills have gone up and winter fuel payments have been cut since then.

The UK Government does subsidize a select number of people who meet the criteria for heating assistance, but this year that subsidy is being cut …. a cut of £100 in winter fuel payments to the over 80s. This year, instead of getting the £400 they have received in past years, they will receive only £300. Pensioners under 80 will see their payments cut by £50 to £200.”

Dot Gibson, of the National Pensioners Convention, said:

‘Since 1997 we have lost more than 300,000 pensioners during the winter months because of cold-related illnesses, yet the Government seems incapable of acting. No other section of our society is so vulnerable and treated so badly.

‘Pensioners see rising fuel bills and are constantly worried about whether or not they can afford to put their heating on.’

She added: ‘Around 3.5million pensioner households are spending more than 10 per cent of their income on fuel bills and are living in fuel poverty.’

This is seriously bad news, but how does this affect us living in Australia? Will it affect us here? Will it really become a case of Heat or Eat?

It is commonly understood that more people die in winter months than in the summertime.

According to Joanne Nova there are 7,000 excess winter deaths in Australia and 1,500 in New Zealand every year.

While climate change legislation aims to make the world cooler, statistics show that the cooler months consistently have higher mortality.

In the unlikely event that legislation might succeed in reducing global temperatures, based on past statistical records, thousands of extra people may die as a result. In study after study, it’s clear that more people die in the colder months than in the rest of the year. The trend applies even in warm countries like Australia.

Bear in mind that costs for electricity and gas will raise steeply in the coming months (remember the Carbon Tax?)

…. retail power prices were on track to double between 2008 and 2015 and, as is now widely acknowledged, they are well and truly moving in this direction. In the past four years they have risen by more than 35 per cent in inflation-adjusted terms.

….  is forecasting that end-user bills will double between 2011 and 2017, a thought to make more than a few politicians and industrialists grimace, let alone householders faced with yet more pressure on their hip pocket nerves. source

Where will pensioners find the money to pay these exorbitant amounts for power? Do you honestly believe that your government will double your home power allowance by this amount just like they have done in the UK?  I hope you read that early paragraph where they said they are reducing the amount paid to pensioners – NOT increasing it.

Many science blogs are now forecasting a colder future climate – NOT a warmer one. If this does happen I can see there will be serious problems ahead for the poor, the pensioner, the disabled, the families of the working class. But never mind they are expendable it seems, so please do not rely on your government to look out for you!

Julia Gillard has promised that when the Australian Carbon Tax is forced on the population, no one (read pensioner etc) will be worse off because her government will increase fortnightly pensions to adjust for any differences they may encounter. Yes well, when you see those flying pigs (they will be dressed in red and green costumes) flying out of Canberra, please send me an email.

See ACM; Ice Age Now; Jo Nova

And before I leave, I ask you to offer a prayer, or spare a few dollars for those in Europe who are suffering under the most aweful of winter conditions.

160 die as Eastern Europe sinks further into deep freeze

Weather patterns (weird ones) are doing very strange things right across the globe, please do not think for one minute it could not happen in Australia. Winter can be very cruel to the homeless and those who cannot affort to heat their places of abode.

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3 Responses to Are They Trying to Bump More of us Off? One Would Think So!

  1. Frances says:

    It sounds like a PLAN to me. Just get rid of the elderly and infirm, no more pensions to pay, it will free up housing for the young and fit. Of course these people forget that one day ‘they will be old and infirm’, then it will be their turn. What goes around comes around.

  2. I agree,
    There are many indications that the UK is well in with the world government movement.
    A corrupt Met bureau, pretending that there is no unusual cold, but if there is, it’s because of global warming.
    It’s their organizations primarily responsible for the shameful science and promotion of AGW theory and hysteria.
    A media that ignores the truth, or worse.
    A government that is becoming openly unhelpful to the citizens.
    It doesn’t take much thought to believe you are right.
    I agree with Frances, except ‘they’, when their turn comes, will be well-heeled on their government pensions and AGW group funding.

  3. Sandi says:

    May not be a theory but wander through the shopping centres in Adelaide in the height of summer. Retailers complain about the old people that spend the day there,buy nothing, just to stay cool.

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